Detail Week continues as we think about what the details say about us.  I am still in a world where professional fashion is required at times.  It has been years since I wore a matching suit with the jacket and skirt or pant the same color.  One of the ways I add my touch is to add a different jacket on top…like this silver EIleen Fisher jacket. (I found a more affordable silver jacket option and it is in the slide show below)Traditional, classic style would say to select with an outfit like this a classic string of pearls.  There is nothing wrong with the pearls…i think pearls are lovely and often are the best detail for an outfit.  But, I prefer in my creative profession to add something which has a fun, youthful message attached to it. I recently found this necklace in a local boutique and it is paper mache…very lightweight for warmer weather.  However, it just says fun to me.  I have also worn this outfit with a colorful necklace.  I believe the outfit then says I am intelligent, strong, savvy and creative at the same time.

Do you ever think about the messages your accessories send about you?  Take time to do that when you get dressed and let me know if you notice a change in your outfits and how you feel about your style.


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