Professional Dress: How the Details Speak

Detail Week continues as we think about what the details say about us.  I am still in a world where professional fashion is required at times.  It has been years since I wore a matching suit with the jacket and skirt or pant the same color.  One of the ways I add my touch is to add a different jacket on top…like this silver EIleen Fisher jacket. (I found a more affordable silver jacket option and it is in the slide show below)Traditional, classic style would say to select with an outfit like this a classic string of pearls.  There is nothing wrong with the pearls…i think pearls are lovely and often are the best detail for an outfit.  But, I prefer in my creative profession to add something which has a fun, youthful message attached to it. I recently found this necklace in a local boutique and it is paper mache…very lightweight for warmer weather.  However, it just says fun to me.  I have also worn this outfit with a colorful necklace.  I believe the outfit then says I am intelligent, strong, savvy and creative at the same time.

Do you ever think about the messages your accessories send about you?  Take time to do that when you get dressed and let me know if you notice a change in your outfits and how you feel about your style.



  1. You look absolutely fantastic! Love the jacket on you! The necklace is an outstanding piece that communicates exactly what you want it to and brings it all into focus for a beautiful, professional look.

  2. Thanks Peggy! I love it too. It is important to consider what our outfits say about us.

  3. I love your very classic outfit – it is exactly what I would wear! I love the necklace and I think the grey/white colour – which echoes the outfit – keeps it very classy. While a coloured necklace would be fun, I think this more monochromatic look elevates it so much more.

  4. Great outfit and knowing that the necklace is made of paper mache makes me laugh. Imagine an accessory not made of metal, mineral, or glass, but made of pretty paper—so unexpected.

  5. You look fabulous!! I have spent almost 40 years working in scrubs and am slowly building an adult wardrobe LOL. Thank you for the great ideas on your blog.

  6. Wow! You convey:
    intelligent, strong, savvy AND creative… I am starting to add some creativity with jewelry. I have a basic wardrobe and always look for a jacket just like yours. I just love your entire outfit, how it makes you feel and what it conveys.

  7. You look absolutely fabulous Pam!! What a gorgeous classy outfit… definitely looks like the attributes you want to convey about yourself… definitely strong and creative but still refined!!! Love it!!! The necklace is beautiful and definitely a statement piece!

  8. You look super in this outfit! I love the unique paper mache necklace and wonder if you know the name of its maker. I often feature paper jewelry artists on my blog and would be so interested in seeing more of her or his creations with the intention of a feature. Thanks Pamela!

  9. I think your outfit is spectacular. I still think it is easier to put together business professional than business casual. Clearly many of the younger gals I worked with in the corporate world had difficulty understanding what actually is business casual. It can be tricky and there is a lot of room for interpretation. You can’t go wrong with the look you are showing. It is neither overdressed or underdressed for whatever the occasion or atmosphere.

  10. Love this outfit and it looks fantastic on you! This is definitely something I would wear!

  11. I agree it can be tricky, Nina. I do love the creativity allowed in business casual, however, I still want to be ready for any situation at work and that means looking my best.

  12. I do not know the name of the designer, Ann. I purchased it at a local boutique. I will try to contact the owner and see if she knows. Thanks for asking.

  13. Thanks Susan. I love how lightweight it is…perfect for the warm climate I live in.

  14. Jewelery is my favorite way to be creative…so many fun pieces out there. Thanks so much Linda.

  15. There is a real elegance to this outfit, yet there are so many other ways to style it … striped tee and sneakers for a street style (with a slouchy bag), a colorblock look with a solid, bright tank, statement earrings and bright flats. Or wedges and an oversize clutch and big beads. But I absolutely -love- this necklace with this jacket, I remember when you said one of your style words was “approachable,”and that is exactly the word I would use for how you transformed this outfit from pretty simple to … approachable. What is more approachable than jewelry that isn’t made of precious metals, but instead is made of paper?

  16. That is why I love a wardrobe made of separates, Linda…there are always so many different ways to style a look. It is fun.

  17. It is a great jacket, Becky. I have several Eileen Fisher jackets and get a lot of mileage off of them. Especially for work.

  18. I love to mix things up…so a colored necklace would be next. Thanks for the comment, Margie!

  19. It was completely unexpected when I found it…and I just love how lightweight it is. This summer I will like this necklace the best of any in my collection!! Thanks so much.

  20. Love your outfit! I am a new follower of your blog and I’m so glad I found it! So far I’ve found something I can use or relate to every time I read.

  21. Perfect outfit and great choice of accessories. No offense to anyone who likes pearls but I just feel “old” when I wear them and this necklace is far more current and interesting. You look professional yet not over dressed. Love it!

  22. can you share they name of the boutique where you got that necklace. I would love to have one too.

  23. The boutique is at Andie & Barbara in San Antonio in Carousel Court. They also have a Facebook page and I know Barbara would be happy to order one for you. She has so many fun necklaces.

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