Facing The Facts From The Omron Healthcare “Going For Zero” Campaign


This is my second update from my participation in the Omron Healthcare Going for Zero (Zero Heart Attacks, Zero Strokes) campaign, and this project has been quite sobering.   This campaign and access to The Omron EVOLV®, for home blood pressure readings is so important, because numbers are ridiculously high for adults with hypertension.

I think it is easy for all of us to make excuses to our families, doctors, and ourselves about our blood pressure readings.  The “white coat syndrome,” I have written about HERE and HERE, becomes an excuse.  It is easy to think, “Oh, my readings just go high when I am at the doctor.” I think for myself, I have not wanted to face the real facts….I tend toward high blood pressure readings and if I do not continue on my path to make significant changes in my life, I will be a good candidate for a stroke or heart attack.   Using The Omron EVOLV®,  is opening my eyes…no more excuses…I need to turn this around.

For me, this will mean up-ing my game.  I will to continue to exercise, but do more, move more.  I will continue to eat healthy, but pay closer attention to salt and sugar intake.    And, I will make sure I work in a healthy environment…so changes in this area are on the way.   By making changes in this last area, I should improve my sleep patterns, which have not been good for the last six months.  I write often about how easy it is to put ourselves at the bottom of our priority list, yet, I still go through times when I do this.

What I am currently experiencing with regular blood pressure readings, is to see I am borderline hypertension and often skew a little over the line.  So, I am going to be purposeful now about making the changes above and see if over the next month I can lower the readings.  If they do not lower by the end of the “Going for Zero” project, I will take my numbers and go visit my doctor…not an appointment I am looking forward to.  I really am grateful to own an Omron EVOLV® and be able to take these readings at home.  It is so much easier than going to a medical facility or the drug store on a regular basis.

Do you make excuses for occasional high readings?  I think I just hope it will go away.  But, now I know without lifestyle changes, it will not.  This is a problem for hundreds of thousands of women and we need to pay attention.




Please Note:

The Omron EVOLV® is the latest Omron innovation which is a portable, wireless upper-arm blood pressure monitor that is clinically validated for accuracy and has received FDA clearance. It is a sleek one-piece upper arm unit with no tubes or wires. The EVOLV is also equipped with Bluetooth technology which allows the device to seamlessly sync with the Omron Connect App to store, track and share data.

Omron Healthcare Inc. is the global category leader in personal heart health and wellness technology, with a heritage of over 40 years. Omron is the #1 doctor and pharmacist recommended home blood pressure monitor brand on the market, and the brand is known for its clinically-validated accuracy.  Cardiovascular disease is still the number one cause of death, and stroke is the top cause of adult disability in the U.S., with high blood pressure being the leading risk factor for both these conditions.


Disclaimer:  This is a sponsored post and I am compensated as a brand ambassador, but the words are my own.


  1. Well, this is sobering indeed. I know I also need to pay more attention to this. Sometimes I get winded when I know I shouldn’t, but like so many women we ignore the little things and don’t want to be perceived as complaining or exaggerating, so we let things slide. This is a dangerous practice and one I admit I’m doing. I truly appreciate your updates Pam, because it is vitally important. Things have taken a sharp dive at work for me and I am stressed out literally from the time I walk in this office until I leave at the end of an all-too-long day, often feel my heart pounding from the anxiety. Not healthy mentally OR physically. I have put an “out of office” on my calendar daily for lunch hour when I walk with my friend, and that is carved in stone. But it’s not enough. You are an encouragement and I look forward to your updates to see how you are tackling this common problem. As women who want to live as well and as long as possible, we need to take this very seriously. I’m going to make an appointment with my doctor after reading this to see what I’m ignoring. Thank you Pam! I mean it. I needed to see this.

  2. The work situation is exactly what I have been living and it has taken a toll on my health. Let’s hold each other accountable and check in from time to time to see how it is going. I am so glad you are going to see your doctore, Karen. Very wise. I am so glad this has been helpful!

  3. I am a caregiver for my elderly Mother and all my energies have gone into that. Need to reassess my own health! Thanks for the reminder.

  4. You are so welcome, Suzanne. It is important for both of you that you care for yourself as well.

  5. I have been on blood pressure medication since shortly after my cancer diagnosis because an increase in blood pressure appears to be a side effect of the treatments I’m on. Thankfully, the medication combined with a healthy lifestyle that includes regular exercise and clean eating has been keeping my blood pressure at an acceptable level. I hope that the changes you’re making will have the same effect for you, Pam!

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