Love this Dilemma with Wearable Art

As I return to taking care of my own life, I am excited to wear this brand Dilemma, and their wearable art designs for some fun casual style.  I like to wear cool pieces such as this tunic to meet friends for coffee or casual brunch. Every now and then, I like a little funky!True confessions…i would not wear the jacket from the WOULD YOU WEAR IT post this past weekend. Several of you found it to be wearable art.  But, I do have some tunics and jackets which are art-inspired…though, personally, I believe all fashion is art. I decided it was a perfect look with my leather Rockport Willa Sneakers.  They are so great for comfort and more of that cool factor!  I found the tunic at my favorite local boutique, Andie & Barbara, and it appears Dilemma sells mostly to boutiques.  However, they also sell on Amazon, so check out some of these garments below.  Alot of wearable artwork brands are ridiculously expensive, but Dilemma seems to be one of the more moderately priced designers.

Anyone else a fan of wearable artwork….let us know and then………………………………….



Dilemma Garment 1

Dilemma Garment 2

Dilemma Garment 3

Dilemma Garment 4

Dilemma Garment 5


Disclaimer:  The tunic and sneakers were provided to me, but the words are my own.


  1. Definitely a cool top! I love the idea of wearable art, and it’s perfect like you said for meeting friends, wearing to brunch, something casual but not too casual. Love it! The vibrant colors go with your hair and skin tone also. I like how your hair looks darker underneath, the multi-tonal look! Very cool and fashion forward with that atsy top! I just love the splashes of color! Your yard looks so pretty! I got to bring in an armload of daffodils this weekend from my yard – how that brightens the spirits!

  2. The bright colors really make the white tunic ! I would feel happy wearing it.
    I am also very jealous of your beautiful green yard as I watch snow fall outside my window LOl!

  3. O my – what an arty, comfy, stylish top. You look so good. And I love your lighter/shorter hair. I might wear that Dolce Gabbana looking (?spelling) top from the other day, but….a little much (Melania wore a coat from DB in a similar vein and looked awesome – while I am Slovenian, I do not hold a candle to comparison with my 1st Lady). Good for you on the I Matter attitude!

  4. I know Karen…I brought in roses from mine. It is wonderful to have our own flowers for the house. Thanks so much! Happy Monday!

  5. Oh I do hope the snow stops soon for you, Teresa. We are having lovely weather right now and I almost feel guilty. Thanks so much.

  6. I believe fashion is art and that is why I like to express a creative side evey now and then. It is all about what I want to say to the people I see in the outfit I am wearing. Thanks Elaine.

  7. The shoes are awesome…so comfy and super cool. Of course, Rockport is always my favorite shoe brand…they make my feet very happy.

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