Would You Wear It? #15

Hello everyone, I could not resist this outfit for Would You Wear It?  When I saw this at a major retailer, I wondered what the ladies would say.  Make sure to explain your answers so we all learn from one another.  So, tell us now….

Would You Wear It?

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  1. It’s hard to know what to say. It’s a “no” for me. I thought first it looked like one of my grandmother’s bedspreads, but for me it’s worse than that. Too busy, too much color, too over-the-top, too frumpy. Just speaking for myself, of course. Did they put all those flowers around the back too? I’ll say this though, it made me smile!

  2. Yes…the flowers cover the entire garment. Thanks for the first comment, Karen!

  3. This top definitely calls for the fashion police to intervene! Yikes! Definitely a no.

  4. Even if this weren’t the quintessential old lady jacket, I still would never put a jacket with 3-D flowers on. The last thing I need is to create more volume in my midsection.

  5. Too busy for me, maybe if it was just a floral pattern rather than having the flowers attached ?

  6. It’s a no for me, too. Someone might mistake me for the floral dept in a grocery store! With the right perfume, someone might follow me, picking flowers as they go. Hahaha. But, on a tiny lady, it might look fabulous. Fun question!

  7. I checked this jacket out on the Dillard’s website. There is one jacket left, size small. It is permanently reduced from $189.00 to $113.40. There was one review and the customer said, “I love this jacket.” I hope someone else here loves this jacket because I would like to understand what the attraction might be. For me it is over-the-top fussy and impractical. I would not like to sit back into a chair and feel those fabric bumps.

  8. Nope. Not a chance. Too much going on and I don’t need to add any extra volume up front. 🙂

  9. It would be easy for me to say it looks like a wearable float from the New Year’s Day Parade from Pasadena , CA.—but I will not.
    If only the flowers were only on one of the front panels and not on both sleeves. Or maybe a trail of the flowers meandering a path from bottom to top.
    If only the colors of the petals were more vibrant or just one color.
    If only it was a bolero.

  10. Oh good heavens no.
    It’s too much of everything for me.
    I’m glad the lady in the review loves hers
    Bless her heart because everyone deserves something that brings them joy.

  11. Oh my! I like the previous comment about it looking like grandma’s bedspread! This is just a mess in my eyes…too dimensional (lumpy) for any body type, why add volume to our figures? It’s busy, boxey and blah. I’d like to meet the designer and ask what they were thinking! Maybe a late April Fools joke! Hope I’m not offending anyone with such a strong opinion, but this is not fashion for me.

  12. I also have seen evening gowns like this that were very pretty! Thanks Jennifer

  13. I just might. I love the color pallet and if I were slimmer and wore it with dark skinny jeans and a fitted tank, I think it would be fun. It wouldn’t be an everyday outfit but an outfit I would wear because I needed a lift and just wanted to be fun.

  14. It’s just too much! I’d be much more likely to consider it if the flowers were only on the upper part of the jacket and not such a ‘thick’ garden! Probably a single flower–a bit like an old-fashioned corsage–would be nice. I like the flax-colored fabric, looks like linen. It’d be a versatile garment for spring/summer without all the fuss…..

  15. What fabric is the jacket made of? It looks like linen.if so, you’d have wrinkles along with the flowers. Definitely too much going on,especially for a big busted woman like me.

  16. For some reason, I feel the need to force clothing to work for me. For myself, I want to “pluck” all the flowers off, lol. I do like everything else about the jacket.

  17. Haha! Too funny. I was just watching the reunion show for TRADING SPACES. The most memorable room that Lindy did way back when had plastic flower heads attached all over a bathroom’s walls…hideous! This jacket made me laugh because it’s just like that bathroom was… Over the top for sure. It would make you look oversized.

  18. To answer the question, I would definitely not wear it. But, something about it appeals to me. Perhaps it is the creativity of the design, I think could consider it as a short jacket in a monochrome color such as white with white flowers or possibly black.

  19. Absolutely love the colr palette! I would definitely make this a signature piece and match shells in the same colors with it. It is a very happy piece!

  20. It reminds me of a Dr.Seuss character…definitely a no. Too busy, too old lady, too homemade but not in a good way.

  21. It’s funny, at first I thought, “Yes, I would wear that maybe, depending on the event.” But then I looked at it for a bit and decided no, it really wasn’t for me. But I really like the colors. And I like the IDEA of it more than the actual DOING it, if that makes any sense. What fun!

  22. I don’t think it would suit me but I wish it would. I see it as hip and funky on the right person, not old looking at all!

  23. Someone else said that, Arell. So, of course, it makes sense. Thanks for the comment.

  24. I’m afraid this just isn’t my style. It’s too busy and bulky for me – looks like it would add pounds on someone with my body type. It may look cute on someone tall and thin.

  25. Definitely no! Too many reasons why, but for starters…not my colors, too boxy (I’m a straight), too memorable. As someone else mentioned, looks like my grandmother’s chenille bedspread. Happy weekend, Pam!

  26. This jacket actually took my breath away — so different and Artisan design vibe to my eyes. Would be a statement piece; although wrong color palette for me! Would definitely wear it if I were younger…sigh :))

  27. This is my first comment on your blog and I’m glad I caught this Would You Wear It post. My answer is a resounding, “Yes!” I wear all of those colors and adore the ruggedness of the way the flowers are assembled. I can make roughly a half dozen outfits with it off the top of my head. I may have to haunt Dillard’s to see if I can find it. Happy Saturday, blessings!

  28. Thank you for reading and commenting, Kim. Actually one of the ladies that commented found it on the Dillards website. You might start there. I also put a slideshow of some fun pieces at the bottom of the post. Again, thanks for joining in!

  29. You are the second one to call attention to the First Lady’s jacket, Marcia. Thanks so much!

  30. I try to think of the body type for one of your featured items if it’s not for me, but try as I did, I couldn’t think of one. Rather I think a certain personality would look good in this jacket. You know that friend who is a little wild and quirky who can pull off outfits you wouldn’t consider but on her it works. Lillie Tomlin is a perfect example of that person.

  31. I thought that too,that Melania Trump wore this by a famous designer and there were a lot of negative comments on the internet.I usually admire her style.Maybe this needs the eye to get used to it

  32. Ok, I’m trying to be open minded here. Maybe on a skinny twenty something with shedded jeans and stilettos. Maybe a single flower on a jacket or hat, but it should have some bright color bling added for that purpose. Maybe at a master gardeners convention as a door price. But not by anyone who is wants clothes that compliment them, not overwhelm them. Sorry it’s still no.

  33. I keep wanting to like this jacket since I am usually drawn to unusual statement pieces…. however this garment looks like a hot glue gun project gone wrong. My apologies if this offends anyone. It is not my intention. .. just my opinion.

  34. It is a “no” for me. Too busy and I would be worrying the entire time I had it on that one of those flowers would catch on something and tear off.

  35. ONLY because I’m an apple/inverted triangle shape with large busts, would I not wear this sweater. I try to not attract attention to my top half, as much as possible. I would, however wear it with jeans, if I had a smaller top half. I think it’s unique. I would not wear it a lot, so if it’s expensive, it might be a waste of money. The reason being, it is very memorable.

  36. Yes.
    Because it is over the top, fussy, impractical…
    But I love the colour, I love the non-conformity, I love the joie de vivre…
    And I am past the point of caring whether something is fashionable or not – I makes ME happy.
    Having said that… Not on my budget!

  37. I am surprised at myself for actually liking this outfit! I am an Eileen Fisher devotee and almost never ever wear patterns but I do find something about this outfit appeals to my creative side. With my body type I would look comical in it, there’s just too much of me so to speak. But if I saw someone wearing this at a luncheon or art exhibit or craft fair I think I would be impressed with their daring artistic style. Thanks for the thought provoking find!

  38. This jacket looks like someone aimed a salad shooter at it and let er rip! Lol. Would I wear it?! Uh….NO!!!

  39. I laughed out loud when I saw this jacket! Talk about “over the top.” To be blunt, I think it is hideous! Sorry.

    However, I do like the color combination so at the least I have something positive to say.

  40. No, I wouldn’t invest in a trendy jacket. It looks too cutesy. I like classic style I can wear dressy or casual. Now that I don’t work I tend towards a more casual wardrobe.

  41. I know a couple of ladies in their seventies who would love wearing this with skinny jeans to the farmers market or to a casual brunch at a sidewalk cafe. And it would probably work for them and their big “I do what I like, so get over it” smiles. As for me, my first thoughts were that it looked like my craft room threw up on that jacket.

  42. I really like this jacket. I love the light muted earthy tones as that would suit my colouring. I can see this jacket worn over a simple classic linen dress. Smashing! My style is ‘relaxed/natural’ so I love flowers. Flowers are not just for the feminine style. I am plus size so the extra bulk might be too much BUT well worth a try-on.

  43. Hi Pam! The “rosey posey” jacket/top is pretty to look at, but not for a grown woman to wear, unless it’s a costume party or you really are brave! It would be adorable however on a small child. ?

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