News for Women of a Certain Age

YES! It is Friday!  And time for news for women of a certain age.  This is where I find stories I think this audience might be interested to read.  Feel free to comment on any of these stories below.

The numbers of young adults living with their parents is the highest it has ever been.I think for our family this was a good thing for a little while, though we are officially empty nesters now.   Read about a recent survey and what was discovered HERE.  

Of course, this caught my attention, HOW TO LOSE WEIGHT IF YOU ARE ADDICTED TO FOOD  Help, please??

We are not alone with our thoughts on clothing sizes.  Finally, it has been documented.  See what other women think about clothing sizes HERE.

Deliveries may get even faster, everyone.  See how retailers look to improve delivery service HERE.

Be aware of these no-talk phone scams! 

I hope you enjoyed today’s selections.  I try to keep it positive, but stories like the last one may help us out!  I hope you have a grat weekend…come back tomorrow for Would You Wear It…and of course




  1. You always find such interesting articles. I especially enjoyed the one on the weight loss concept, and the one about sizes. I agree that sizes don’t make sense. I take a variety of sizes into the dressing room because you just never know across brands. I find it interesting when I’m shopping with my sister, she will only try on one size (the one she wants to be) and if she needs to size up to get the perfect fit, she doesn’t buy the item. I’m always saying, “try another size, it will look perfect” but she’s not on board with that. It’s really too bad that we have been brow-beaten by society to look a certain way in order to be “acceptable” to even ourselves. I’m making peace with the changes in my body as I’ve gotten older. Haven’t arrived completely yet, but I’m no longer striving for a single size or to look like society’s version of perfect. In my mind, it’s time to make the most of who I am, not try to be something or someone I’m not. By the way, I missed yesterday (work horrors! : )) but I love your silver jacket and that fabulous necklace! Your jewelry is inspiring me to branch out in that area!

  2. These are all great articles. I particularly liked the one on clothing sizes. I have friends who are so hung up on a size label, they will not buy something because it doesn’t fit in their perceived size. I’ve mentioned so many times the valuable lessons I learned from watching “What Not To Wear,” but wearing what looks good and is comfortable rather than getting hung up on size labels was the most valuable. I tell friends all the time, “If you don’t like the size on the label, cut that sucker off”. I used to do it but now I’ve learned not to care. If it fits and looks good, I buy it and leave the label there (I’m sure when I donate clothes it’s appreciated). One of my favorite brands moved their operation overseas and the clothing got smaller. Other brands still fit me the same as always. I had to either go up a size in that brand I love or stop buying their clothes. Guess what I chose?

  3. You are right, Nina! It is all about great fit…who cares what the label says. Happy Friday!

  4. Such great advice, Karen. We need to all make peace with our bodies and accept who we are today …right now! Have a great weekend!

  5. One thing the first article does not address is the high cost of apartments. Young people today can’t find a decent apartment in a relatively safe area they can afford even if they have several roommates. No wonder they move back home, live rent free and try to pay off their student loans. Then there is the devastating problem of divorce that is always expensive.

  6. I completely agree with you, Jill on the apartment costs. Rent now is high as some house payments.

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