Fashion Over 50: Warm Weather Must Haves #2

This week I am sharing some of my warm weather must have pieces in my wardrobe.  First, it was white pants, today I want to discuss sleeveless shells/tank tops.  This is a typical look I would wear for casual Friday to work.  The jacket and denim are both lightweight…though they may not appear that way.  But, my typical warm weather business casual consists of jackets and lightweight bottoms.  I have several neutral versions of jackets and pants, then the way I mix the looks up and keep them fresh is with a fun sleeveless tops underneath.  I have many, many versions of these sleeveless tops in colors and prints.

I did not have a sleeveless version of this print until recently because I must be very careful with horitzontal stripes.  I am curvey with a large chest and do not want to add to those areas.  However, during the recent sale at Ann Taylor, I tried this top.  It is a nice quality top so it doesn’t cling to certain areas, and it has buttons on both sides drawing it in with little extra volume.  I really love this Parisian-style and am very excited to have my own warm-weather version.

I wore it on a day when we had heavy thunderstorms throughout the workday, so instead of a lighter shoe, I wore my Rockport Sneakers…which I love!!  The Anthropologie Scarf was a sweet gift and provides the pop of color.  Does anyone else rely on sleeveless tanks for wardrobe builders as I do??  I am not confident with my arms enough to go without the jackets, but it keeps me cooler to avoid the longer sleeves during this time of year!

I picked out some fun sleeveless tops on the market in different price points below…see what you think and some come in several colors and prints if you go look at their website locations.   I am picking a winner in three days for the Femarelle Giveaway…make sure you register HERE if you would like to try the product on them.



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  1. I love that top!! I love the Breton stripe look and to find it in sleeveless would be fantastic! I’ll have to see if they still have those at Ann Taylor. This is a great look, and the scarf adds a lot of interest. I love the look of blazers and jeans, and a white or striped t-shirt makes this classic! Great look! I have MANY sleeveless tops that are warm weather staples. Can’t imagine a jacket in the summer with anything but sleeveless underneath, even in the A/C. I do wear sleeveless dresses in the summer to work, but always bring along a dress shrug or jacket just in case. The arm thing…it doesn’t bother me. It used to, but like anything else, it is what it is and I have been just rolling with it lately. My arms aren’t awful, but sure aren’t like when I was 30, or even in my 40’s! The sleeveless tops you featured are all very pretty, each one something I’d definitely wear!

    1. Thanks Karen! I was excited to add this one to my collection…love the look and the fit. I need to step out this summer and wear more dresses…we will see if I do. Have a great day!

  2. Yes, tank tops are a must. I’ve recently begun buying Eileen Fisher silk tanks both the woven and knit styles. They are very much workhorses and can add variety by switching out toppers.

  3. I have a large collection of sleeveless tanks and find them invaluable. I wish I felt more confident going sleeveless but the truth is, that ship has sailed. Love the splash of color in your scarf Pam!! And those shoes…I need them.

  4. Absolutely a look I love and have incorporated into my outfits. Living in Southern California, sleeveless tops are a necessity due to the heat, but, the days of rocking the bare arms have passed! Therefore, a light jacket or cardigan over a sleeveless top is a go-to look for me! I love the top and will be looking for it or for something similar now that I see how great it looks on you. Also, I hope to add more casual dresses into my wardrobe this summer too. Thanks again, Pam.

  5. I’m not always comfortable baring my arms, so I like to wear sleeveless tops and shells underneath a cardigan or lightweight jacket in the summer. Your outfit is great, Pam, but I absolutely love the yellow scarf the best! What a wonderful pop of color!

  6. The main problem I have with summer dressing is that in so many places in South Texas the A/C is blasting and I get cold very easily. This is really a hassle in medical buildings and restaurants.

  7. You look thin in today’s post. Sleeveless tops with jackets, light sweaters or Chicos short kimonos. Yes!

  8. Sleeveless tops are a staple in my wardrobe year round. I wear them under cardigans in cooler weather, under sheer tops in warmer weather & under any jackets or blazers. I understand about wearing stripes, but as with most clothing, fit is everything. You look very fresh & Parisian.

  9. I love the jacket in a neutral and the scarf as a colorful accessory near your face. The stripe top is a classic and the sneakers make the outfit! Cool girl vibe!

  10. I haven’t seen your hair in a natural light before. It looks good. I think the lighter shade suits you.

  11. Love your outfit today! The striped top is a classic. I’ve added several sleeveless tops to my wardrobe and love that they add color and interest the way a scarf does, without the warmth.

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