Fashion Over 50: Warm Weather Must Haves #3

Here is my last warm weather must have for this week…we have seen white pants, and sleeveless tops.  Now, my wardrobe is plump with lightweight jackets for work and play.  Since, I prefer to have my arms covered and often need a more professional style for work, I own many of these types of jackets.  The Eileen Fisher linen jacket above is a more casual style and one of the few linen pieces I own.  In order to get a quality linen which is not all over, constantly wrinkled, you just about have to go to a quality brand to do it.  This one is a fun throw- over- my- top- piece when I am going out and about and in a more casual setting.

The majority of my lighter jackets are from Chico’s…like this one.  They provide many options from solids to prints for warm weather styles. Actually, where I am in San Antonio, we often need a jacket for work because of air conditioning.  If you have to sit near or under a vent, the warm weather can suddenly turn frigid.  So I find jackets to still be a necessity for work, plus they provide more confidence for me with my overall style.

I do have a few light cardigans which also work for warm weather.  But I prefer the structure of a jacket becuase on me I find it to be more flattering.

How about you?  Do you still wear jackets during the warmer weather?  How do you feel about linen?  And do you have different jackets for different seasons?

Would love to hear your thoughts!  I have selected some jackets below for warmer weather!  See what you think…………..and………..



  1. These are all beautiful jackets! And the necklaces you paired with each one are stunning! You have such great statement jewelry! I love the olive green jacket, even though it is linen! I don’t have any linen due to the wrinkling, but I understand from those who love it that it is something you just have to get used to. It sounds like you are saying the wrinkling isn’t quite so severe with the Eileen Fisher, better quality jacket. In that case I’d love to have a linen jacket, or even a dress. Is this a linen blend? I do have some linen blend sweaters that don’t wrinkle and I really do like those. It’s a beautiful fabric, but I haven’t been able to get past the wrinkles and creases! I do bring jackets to work in the summer months due to A/C, but more often tap into my collection of dress shrug type sweaters.

    1. As things heat up, I will also carry them for AC, but not wear them outside. My new job is laid back enough that I think I can wear kimonos.

    1. You are so sweet….I am sure there are colors I can’t wear. I know there are ones I don’t like!

  2. Nice selection. You look especially good in green but I like them all. This time of year I like to start the day with a structured jacket. I basically live in somewhat of a desert so am loving casual vests too!

    1. I just bought a vest. But now sure how I will style it yet. I usually wear them more fall. Thanks Linda.

  3. I love your jackets and the sweater as well! You look fantastic, so polished and pulled together. I also love lightweight jackets in the warmer weather because of the air conditioning. I do have some linen blouses and pants from JJill. I love them but they wrinkle.

    1. Air conditioning can get cold even when it is over 100 outside…a friend of mine leaves a shawl in her office.

  4. You look fabulous in all these outfits!
    I’ve grown to love linen for summer, but the wrinkle look is something to get used to. I also agree that the better brands wrinkle less. A tip I picked up was the more you wash them, the softer they become and wrinkle less. Also, things look better with a light steam. While it doesn’t take out all the wrinkles, it does look a little more polished. When it’s hot and humid, I’d rather be a little wrinkled than very sweaty.

  5. Love you in the bright pink jacket. Apologies to Eileen Fisher, but the color of the linen jacket is just to blaaaah.

    Can we have a close-up of the necklace you’re wearing with the pink jacket? Looks terrific.

    Love your blog!

    1. Well, since I am wearing it….I think you can surmise that I like the color! It is one of my favorites to wear. I will shoot a close up of that necklace this weekend and post it. Glad you like the blog, Nancy!

  6. The pink jacket with the green shoes made me catch my breath in awe. Delightful unexpected pairing.
    I love jackets or cardigans as the 3rd piece to polish up my look and keep me warm in summer’s A/C. But then it’s awful to wear them in the hot car and outside in the humidity. Makes me crazy because 90 degree temperatures in Florida last F-O-R-E-V-E-R.

    1. Thanks, Lavenia. I love to wear those shoes with pink! Pretty soon it will be very hard to wear jackets and I will switch to tops and kimonos. But for now the lightweight jackets work!

  7. I also love the Chico’s jacket. I stopped wearing jackets most of the time because the collars on them press on my neck and cause me to have migraines by EOB because of my disc problems there. However, I don’t like showing my arms either. So, I have a couple of nice Chico’s jersey knit jackets from consignment that I wear and swingy, light cardigans (almost like nothing) which complete skirts and tops or dresses.

    1. That’s a very good reason to stop wearing them, Jeeannine. I hope you are doing better with this now.

  8. I love linen knit sweaters over a tank for summer. They often are so sheer that they add little heat buildup and don’t look heavy. And the linen knit doesn’t wrinkle. Most of mine are from JJill, but many of this group’s favorite retailers carry them. Easy and breezy!

  9. Great selections! I love Chicos! Our summer isn’t as hot as yours but still many buildings are freezing with air conditioning so I never go anywhere without a sweater or jacket. Like you, I also feel it is a more professional look for work.

  10. I love all of the looks for different occasions. I just don’t wear jackets much in the hot of summer. I feel sticky and miserable outside, and if I only wear them inside I often forget them….such is my personality. I find I really struggle in the summer finding a put together look. Please keep posting ideas. I need a closet clean out truly, and then determine what quality pieces need to be added.

    1. I hear you Amy…that is why I love fall and winter clothing so much. Summer here is just not that much fun with clothes!

    1. Thank you, Dawn! Yes, it is layered…my hair is so thick that i have to have the layers in order to help control the frizz.

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