Here is my last warm weather must have for this week…we have seen white pants, and sleeveless tops.  Now, my wardrobe is plump with lightweight jackets for work and play.  Since, I prefer to have my arms covered and often need a more professional style for work, I own many of these types of jackets.  The Eileen Fisher linen jacket above is a more casual style and one of the few linen pieces I own.  In order to get a quality linen which is not all over, constantly wrinkled, you just about have to go to a quality brand to do it.  This one is a fun throw- over- my- top- piece when I am going out and about and in a more casual setting.

The majority of my lighter jackets are from Chico’s…like this one.  They provide many options from solids to prints for warm weather styles. Actually, where I am in San Antonio, we often need a jacket for work because of air conditioning.  If you have to sit near or under a vent, the warm weather can suddenly turn frigid.  So I find jackets to still be a necessity for work, plus they provide more confidence for me with my overall style.

I do have a few light cardigans which also work for warm weather.  But I prefer the structure of a jacket becuase on me I find it to be more flattering.

How about you?  Do you still wear jackets during the warmer weather?  How do you feel about linen?  And do you have different jackets for different seasons?

Would love to hear your thoughts!  I have selected some jackets below for warmer weather!  See what you think…………..and………..


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