Would You Wear It #20

Happy Would You Wear It Day!  So, let’s go from the floor displays to the runway!  Look at this ensemble and tell us what you think.  Make sure an explain your answers.  Ladies,



Now, in honor of the Royal Wedding, let’s think hats…………………….



  1. I absolutely would wear this beautiful outfit! The dress is elegant and the blazer classic. The two items juxtaposed are perfect!

  2. A stretchy, lace sheath dress would make me want to hide under the jacket. I’ve never been comfortable in clinging garments. Even my younger/skinnier self. If it were stable, tailored material- yes!

    So, “nope” for me.

  3. Absolutely! It is classy and stunning. The style is flattering and the draped jacket is a nice touch. The jacket fabric compliments the dress. The teal is a beautiful and flattering color.

  4. I personally could not get away with wearing this pretty dress, but it is very appropriate for a fit lady of a certain age. The teal color is flattering to anyone. The jacket keeps the look more tailored/conservative. I like the long pearl necklace and the tassels on the necklace/earrings. The entire ensemble looks very sleek, down to the slicked back hair and the dark sunnies. This look was put together by someone who knew what they were doing! Winner!

  5. Beautiful colors! Yes, the jacket is structured and versatile. I need an A-line dress but admire those who can wear this style. Sadly, a ‘no’ on this lovely dress.

  6. This is not something I would have any occasion to wear but it is elegant and could be worn by any age group.

  7. Very chic. I would wear it . I like the length of the dress. The key would be to wear appropriate undergarments to get the sleek look.

  8. Absolutely! The whole look is classic and refined with great attention to detail. Color of dress is stunning. The pearls and jacket are perfect.

  9. I would definitely wear this dress and jacket!!! Even though the dress is a bit form fitting the jacket would help to conceal what needs to be concealed hahaha. And I love the hats! Especially the black and white one. They’re all beautiful!!!

  10. I love this outfit, & if I had an occasion to wear it, I would. The only thing I would change would be the tassels. I would have to lose those. They are just not my thing.

  11. Yes I would wear this. I love the classic style and the colours as well. This is my favourite outfit so far!

  12. Absolutely I would wear it.

    I love hats and have many of them. I have many styles, mostly in red because I’m a member of the Red Hat Society, but I wear other hats in the summer, especially if I’m going to be outdoors for a long time. Love all the straw type hats with a floppy wide brim.

    1. I think it is wonderful you wear hats so often, Nina. I want to join in the fun, but have been slow to get it started. Thanks so much.

  13. Yes…I would wear this elegant ensemble. The colour of the dress is beautiful and the jacket timeless.
    About the hats..I love them…I own several.

  14. I love this dress! The color is gorgeous! I have a similar dress in black and it is one of my go-to dresses — I’ve worn it on many occasions and the stretch lace is so comfortable.

    The hats are fabulous and I wish we wore them more often here is the US!

  15. I would wear this ensemble! This is the look I love! Very chic and simple but with beautiful colors and accessories to finish the look. I love the color. I think I am seeing teal? And the necklace is interesting and beautiful. The jacket is gorgeous. This is a winner in my book!

  16. Love the dress! I’d probably not put it with a structured blazer–probably because I’d reach for a wrap that is ‘dressier’ and less structured. However, she looks great and I’ll probably re-think my opposition to a structured jacket in the future. I think pulling off a look like this is all about confidence or ‘owning’ the look you’ve chosen….

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