Pretty cute, isn’t it!  I have a new jewely collection to show you, but first let’s talk summer fashion for those of us over 50!

Few people understand consistent, high, humid, summer heat better than those of us in south Texas.  When many of you begin to welcome cool fall breezes, we will be lamenting over yet another day of one hundred degree heat.  We spend grueling day after day with a healthy glow which comes from sweat all over, but I still try to look and feel my best.  I have written often about the wonderful kimono and how much I love it during the summer.  But, the way to really liven up our looks, as always, is with great accessories.

That is why I was thrilled when SECOND-DAUGHTER asked me to review their new summer line.  I love cuff bracelets and this CRUSTACEA CUFF is perfect for summer…I am still thinking beach, ladies.  They have so many cute cuffs and some are incredibly chic and stylish.  This one would also make a great gift as it arrives in a cute burlap bag.  Excellent quality.  Just check them out at SECOND-DAUGHTER HERE.

I got these ELAINE TURNER sandals last year and still love them.  Sadly, though I checked their website and they are no longer available.  But, I love how they go with the colors in the kimono.  The kimono and the necklace are both past purchases at Chicos and no longer available.  But, I found some new pieces and they are in the slide show below!

Just remember, no matter how hot it is, try to look your best…somehow it makes the heat less intense! What is your favorite way to look good in the heat??

Take time for the slide show, leave a comment, and please ………………………………..


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