It is time for some of my favorite things for women over fifty.  I have to begin by putting in a word for succulents…I am major into them right now.  So pretty and so easy.  I have one in my new office, and a couple in my breakfast window sill, and I have been using them for small birthday and “thank you” gifts.  It is a current fave.

I also love the way my skincare is looking right now.  The products I am using combine for the youthful, healthy glow I like…plus some tightening for those pesky wrinkles.  Here is my current skincare plan….

I begin by washing my face with this olive oil facial cleanser…Pure Love by Albertini International.  I have used this for a few years and I love it…my daughter (who is in her 30s) loves it as well.

I love using this Lotion/Toner in the morning after I return from the gym.  My face is very sweaty and following the cleanser with this wonderful soft toner is so refreshing!  It is a great toner .

Then I put on this VenEffect Intensive Moisturizer and is the perfect combination of smoothing and tightening for our age of skin….and excellent product.  Click on the link and read about it with Soft Surroundings…they only carry the top products!

I have been putting this on my aching feet at night and it has really helped improve things for me during the day.  My poor feet have been so sore and this MagniLife Pain Relieving Foot Cream has helped immensely.  I know I will continue to use this one.

Finally, I was sent this Doctor Plotka flossing toothbrush to review and I have to say I am now a major fan and will purchase one when this one gets used up.  I am kind of picky about my teeth…especially because my immediate family had many, horrible teeth issues, and because I want them to look white as long as possible.  I am still flossing, but you can feel this gently flossing done by the brush.  It really is the best brush I have tried on my teeth and the first time I have felt like a toothbrush was really doing more.   I do recommend!

I am so sorry I have not been around as much this week…work has been crazy busy!  I hope to plan more for the blog this weekend!  Are you familiar with any of these products!  I hope you like them as much as I do!  See you soon….

Let me know if you have any questions, and as always…………………………………………



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