Would You Wear It? X2

Time for Would You Wear It, where my friend, Jennifer Connolly, and I post mannequins we have found and ask what you think of the looks.  I tried to find a little red, white and blue…but, alas, there was none disiplayed in the stores I visited the past week.  In this group of three, I am wondering about the dress in the middle.  Please explain your answers…why you feel yes, or no!…so, ladies…………………………………………………………………………………………………………..


Please leave your answer and then go on over to  A WELL STYLED LIFE and see what Jennifer has posted.

There are a TON of sales happening right now!  I posted a few styles for your consideration in the slide show below!  Have fun and remember to always…………………..



  1. I would not wear it. I am very pale and the pale colors would wash me out. I also suspect the fabric is not a breathable fabric which, for summer, is not an option for me. If the colors were brighter and the fabric was a breathable one, then I would wear it.

  2. Why do they always mess up the pants on the mannequin? These look so twisted and bunched up that no one would be rushing to buy them. It makes the hems uneven. All of the clothes seem baggy. If they were a little more fitted and different colors, I would wear them, but not as they are. I especially dislike the long dress in the middle.

  3. I wouldn’t wear this. To me it is very frumpy in both color and pattern. It reminds me of one of my grandmother’s house dresses, which is not a good thing! The colors appear dull and muddy. I know it’s not part of this discussion, but I love the other two outfits, especially that blue dress. To contrast the two dresses, the blue one is a universally flattering color, and the style is modern and fun. Such a departure from the one in the middle! I love the shape and fit of the pants and top too. The color of the top is beautiful. The other mannequins are where my eye went first!

  4. Just one more thing. I see where they were going in this display. The outfits on either side echo the colors on the longer dress. It’s like the middle dress needed the supporting cast to “sell” it.

  5. Thanks for the observations, Karen. Of course you can comment on any of them.

  6. I actually have this dress so yes I would wear it. It is very comfortable and hangs beautifully. The background colour of the dress is white so I wear a white duster style sweater over top along with turquoise jewelry. I have had many complements on this dress.

  7. I am short, so avoid the maxi dress and skirt trend, it only makes me look shorter. I like the style of the blue dress, but wouldn’t wear because the sleeves are too short for my aging arms.

  8. First thought blah. The middle dress is pale & frumpy. The left pants are goofy looking & the top plain Jane. The Blue dress color is nice but needs a belt to dress it up. These colors are more for someone with dark hair & a tan, not my
    white blond hair & indoor paleness. I’d keep walking.

  9. No to the dress in the middle, I don’t wear anything cinched in at the waste. Even if I did, I don’t care for the colors or pattern. I wouldn’t wear the dress on the right, even though it’s not cinched in at the waste, it’s too flow-y for my apple shape. I would look like I did when I was pregnant, …I wear A-line cut dresses, for the illusion of a waste. Now the top on the left, I would probably wear. Looks cool for a hot summer day, if it’s made of cotton. Short enough to cover the belly and not too long to add too much visual weight, as some tunics do.

  10. I like the dress. It looks cool and comfortable….something I would wear all year in Florida. I see it with a jean jacket.

  11. I totally agree with what Karen A. said! And, I totally don’t like any of these outfits — drab colors and would wash me out, ugh!! Would not wear any of these.

  12. Nope, the dress in the middle is too bland, I need color! However, not yellow, LOL, as I have “winter” coloring. Yes to the blue dress! I really like the color and simplicity of it!!

  13. Interesting… Anne ( see above comment) has this dress already, and she added a white duster and turquoise jewelry; lots of complements resulted. This illustrates how powerful accessories can be, and items in our own closet can be brought back to life and loved again if we restyle it.

  14. Hi Pam, I agree with what seems like the majority here. Being blonde and not a sun person – this would wash me out. I could see it on someone with darker hair and more olive skin and I think it would be lovely on them. Truly enjoy “Would you wear it?” Thanks!

  15. I would defintely wear the middle dress, assuming the waist hit me in the right place, which is always a challenge because I’m tall. I love this length. I don’t trip over it like I would with a maxi. The mid-calf length covers just as much as a pair of capris, but is much cooler! I’d wear it with either bright white or blue/turquoise jewelry to brighten it up a bit.

  16. I like the style of the dress in the middle but I agree that the colors are too muted. With some stronger colors, I would definitely wear it. I enjoy these Saturday posts and come over from Jennifer Connolly each week to visit.

  17. Assuming that it fit me properly (waist in the right place), I would definitely wear this dress. It looks cool and comfortable, the length is right for me, and the pattern would not overwhelm me. I love sleeveless for summer, but it could also be worn with a jacket or a cardigan.

  18. The dress is not in my go-to colors of dark neutrals and brights, but I would try it on. I think the cut is flattering (slimmer people could add a belt or even a chain belt) and it would feel breezy and cool. A subdued, all over print can be surprisingly flattering as it hides bumps. It would look great with a cork wedge, a denim jacket or linen sweater, and a big, chunky wooden bangle. Add a straw bag and u would echo the texture-look print.

  19. They definately aren’t styling for young folks, but it’s just not anything many of us older ladies would wear. Why don’t they have dresses with sleeves so we don’t have to wear toppers over it. While I do wear lighter colors in the summer, it just doesn’t appeal to me.

  20. Hi Dorothy, I hope you will join in more often than Saturday! Would love to have you on the regular posts as well! Thanks for being here!

  21. The dress would be perfect for the hot Florida summer. I’d style it with Turquoise & sterling jewelry, a yellow bag and a pair of flat sandals. Perfect lunch with friends or dinner on the beach.

  22. I actually like the dress….it’s not for 20something but like the length and waist.Would look even dresser with an occasional jacket.

  23. My first thought when I saw the middle dress was that it was out of some period play or movie set in the 1930s and would have been worn with Mary Jane shoes and a large floppy hat. Think Ginger Rogers.

  24. I would wear it if it were shorter, & I would need something to cover my arms, as I don’t wear sleeveless items.

  25. I like this dress — both the style and the print. I think it gets washed out next to the vibrant yellow and blue. I think if it were set against a light background it’s loveliness would shine!!

    I can picture this dress with a lightweight white cardigan (if needed on cooler days) and strappy white sandals.

  26. Based on how this dressfitsonthemannequin- no! The dress is too subdued in color – reminds me of an “old “ dress.nowif the fit was better and it had a sweater with a strong color on then maybe.

  27. I would not wear the middle dress. I don’t like the colors or the pattern. And with my short stature, I think it would be too long.
    I like the style of the yellow top & would wear it in a blue, if it was available.
    I love that both you & Jennifer offer this feature on the weekends!

  28. Yes, I would wear the dress in the middle. The simple print makes it look cool & summery.The dress would partner well with flat open sandals or a wedge.I’d pair it with a light colored cardigan or a denim jacket.Yes I’d wear this! <3

  29. I would definitely try this on. If it looked good on me I would wear it. I think it a current dress and looks like an easy outfit; polished but Comfortable . I like the pattern and colors. As a size 12/14 I feel a pattern keeps the eye moving and hides figure imperfections

  30. I would wear that dress. I like the length and the waistline. It is fitted enough to show some shape,but loose enough to stay cool. I like the colors. It has armholes that don’t seem too deep. I’d probably bring along a lightweight summer sweater in the blue or yellow. Thisone is meant for me.

  31. Thanks for your Would you wear it posts. Amazing how everybody thinks differently. Illustrates how individual we all are. I like the light subdued colours. I am light haired with blue eyes. I love the dress colours because they don’t compete with me. I would be the centre of attention and not the dress. The pattern is not boring and doesn’t feel old fashion to me. I like the dress but as I am short plus size it probably wouldn’t actually suit me.

  32. Not the prettiest mannequin display I’ve seen…somebody needs to jazz these ladies up! I don’t really see anything here I’m too excited about purchasing or wearing out anywhere. Everything is too “flare-y” with loose sleeves/sleeveless. The middle dress is a no…sure wouldn’t flatter my curvy figure, the tee dress would look better in a pastel color to me or stripes, and the little yellow top is too flow-y and too short..tunic length might do better. The flare leg tan pants wouldn’t flatter too many ladies either. Hmmmm…on to the next store. Maybe these outfits would look better “on”, but not enough here to make me want to try anything on. – Thanks, Pam!

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