July is by far my favorite month of the summer!  Why?  Well, to begin with today is my blogoversary!  I began Over 50 Feeling 40 on July 1, 2010 after my best friend, Gail, encouraged me to begin a blog!  I wanted the name to be a statement of optimism and hope.  It is more about feeling great, than feeling a certain younger age.  So, I wanted to inspire women over 50 to look and feel their best as we march on!   When I began, I never intended to show my face on the blog….in fact, I was the headless blogger and actually would cut off my head and just discuss the clothing.  It was other bloggers who coaxed me out in the open.

This blog has been a blessing to me in many, many ways and I thank you all for being here!  Your support and encouragement has meant everything.  Celebrating July, to me, means I celebrate each and every one of you!  You know I love fashion and I love confident dressing, but the most important message I hope to give you here is to CHOOSE JOY.  Choose Joy no matter what you are facing or living.  Don’t allow the anger around you to cause you to focus on anything but the joy and the blessings of this life.

My story is one of reinvention …of staying relevant in an ever changing world.  I had no idea what I was doing in the beginning and have spent long hours studying blogging and social media marketing.  That alone has benefitted me in so many ways and kept me active and relevant in a communications profession.   So, your takeaways today are LAUGH…LOVE…and LEARN!

Also, this is my birthday month and it is a big one!  More about that later in the month…but I intend to face it with a smile.

Finally, July sales are simply the best and July is when we begin to get glimpses of fall fashion (my favorite).  The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is just around the corner….it is a brilliant marketing idea, to be the first to put fall items on sale.    And, I usually pick up some great cool weather clearance items from the season before in July. Thinking of fall always takes my mind off the heat.  We will discuss some of this on Friday when I typically bring you style tips to keep in mind for the next month.

July is going to be a fun ride here…so stick around and let’s enjoy each moment, one day at a time.  And, by all means,


You know how I love statement jewelry and there are some great pieces out there now…enjoy the slideshow below!

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