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Fashion inspiration.  We discover what influences our style and our creative bents in a variety of places.  I have been known to style different colors together because I saw them in a painting.  I really gain inspiration from so many places…art, other women, blogs, my own style icons, sometimes mannequins, fashion shows, and  even movies.

Like many of you, I also find inspiration on Pinterest and I work hard to place a lot of different looks on my own Pinterest boards for you to appreciate.  I have been asked, more than once, why I have so many young faces on my Pinterest boards.  Simply because, I believe inspiration for our own style has no age limit on it.  There are women younger than I, and women older than I am who have inspired me to style clothing together in different ways

I would encourage you, when you are looking at Pinterest boards, or Instagram, or even fashion magazines, to not look at the model’s age, but rather look at the clothing.  If you are attracted to the style, it might be for you.  Ask yourself, “If I wore that, what would it say to others about me?  What does it communicate?  Can I mimic it in a way that it fits who I am and what I want to communicate about me?  We are attracted to the way other’s dress for a reason, what can we learn about it.   Here are my favorite Pinterest Boards which I curate…but I warn you …you may see a variety of ages on these boards.






Where do you gain inspiration for how you dress?  Do you avoid some Pinterest boards because the models are younger?  Let’s talk, ladies….

Now, the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is open to everyone…all shop!  I just received the Eileen Fisher plaid pants I bought during the sale…and I love them!  Still waiting on another package.  Below are some more picks from the sale in the slide show…Enjoy!

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  1. You expressed how I feel when you mentioned being attracted to a certain style for a reason, and then thinking of ways you can interpret that to fit personally. I don’t look at ages either, because like the old quote “comparison is the thief of joy” and if we are focused on the reed thin, very young, we might start to feel a little frumpy and well, old. Best to focus on the clothing, I agree. But taking a look we like, thinking of what we have that is similar, and then using that as a guide for a new way to style something, I think that is the fun of it. I often see something on Pinterest and think, “I have a similar jacket (pants, skirt, shirt, whatever), how can I use what I have to accomplish the same general look?” It’s fun really! I also save things in different categories (events, seasons, etc.) that I can look back on, which in many cases has made packing for a trip easier. All of this does come back to knowing your own style, however. I ALWAYS fall back on your “Foundational Five” and look over those choices frequently (at least seasonally) and adjust as needed. When we know who we are and the message we want to send, picking and saving things off Pinterest boards is just a lot of fun. But yes, keep the focus on the clothing, not on the models! The looks you show, above, are like wearable art. You can really pull off the dramatic and artsy pieces, and without ever having met you personally, I can truly imagine how fun it would be to sit down for coffee with you and just chat. I think you would broaden my horizons!

    1. Great comment, Karen…and please know, I would love to sit down with you for coffee and chat. I think we would have so much to discuss and hopefully will meet someday. Thank you for being here! Happy Friday!

  2. Good morning. One of your readers commmented on your “Foundational Five”. As a fairly new follower I am hoping you will comment/post further on this. Thank you. I am loving and learning from your posts.

    1. Hi Ann, because you asked, I will write about the Foundational Five in a few days! Watch for it soon and thank you for being here!

  3. It’s obvious, looking through Pinterest, that the greater majority of the models are younger. Pick up any fashion magazine, …same thing. Total agreement; that certainly doesn’t mean the outfits shown wouldn’t work on different aged women. The majority of my fashion Pinterest ‘saves’ are younger faces, too. I still use the photos for inspiration in my outfits.

  4. It is inspirational for me to see a model with a similar body shape as mine. However, some of the younger pear shaped ladies are put in clothing that communicates two things: tight and trendy.

  5. Thanks for the comments on the age of the people you post in your pictures. I don’t want to wear an age, I want to wear an outfit that appeals to me. I wish there were more women I could identify with in those photos but there aren’t because thats marketing. That’s why I follow blogs like yours. Btw, I love you in the jacket with the asymmetrical bottom in the above post.

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