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Welcome to Would You Wear It hosted by me and Jennifer Connolly!  This is a special feature where you look at the store mannequin and tell us if you would wear it as styled on the mannequin…always explain your answers please.  Store mannequins are for merchandising…they are meant to generate sales.  Sometimes they are spot on…and someties they are not.  Feel free to give ideas and suggestions.  Some readers have actually learned ways to dress their own bodies from the comments made here or recieved new inspiration.  So, comment on one or both of these looks, and tell us…………..


After you comment, head over to A Well Styled Life and tell Jennifer what you think of her mannequin.  Then I hope you will come back for the slide show below and see some more great selections from the July Sales!



  1. Today I would choose only the necklaces. I don’t wear cropped pants, because I am short. The blouses are boring. Perhaps they would work under a jacket or sweater

  2. I never wear sleeveless anything! So the blouses are out. I do wear and love crop pants. I live in very hot and humid Florida, so crop pants are a necessity here. I am regular height not tall, but still the fact that crop pants help me stay cooler is enough of a reason to wear them.

  3. All but the cropped pants, absolutely! That white shirt in front is fabulous, and the one in back would work under jackets, sweaters, etc. I’m thinking the studded jeans might be a little much, but I would wear them for fun. The necklaces are great with these tops too. I like the neutral colors very much. If the cropped pants were just a little shorter, I’d wear them. It’s easy to mess up with that style. If they are loose they look frumpy, so this tailored style is good, but for me just a little too long. But that white top in front, I’d love to have that in my closet right now!!

  4. Kind of messy mannequins! Anyway, I do wear cropped jeans and the hemline on the right top is nice. I don’t like the collars on either top or the jumble of necklaces but I think one of the necklaces on the right wasn’t intended to be there. So, yes, I would wear the outfit on the right with some adjustments.

  5. I really like the top on the right! It has a nice fit without being tight, covers the important parts of tummy and hips and has a soft drape. I don’t always like to show my arms so would need another layer. I don’t wear crops either but appreciate the high waist as that seems to hold my frumpy bits in!

  6. I like them both but I won’t wear sleeveless tops….ever…….
    So yes I would wear these with a light summery shrug ….or jacket…
    Or a similar top with sleeves.

  7. I’ll start with the no go. I don’t care for either pant, the jeans are too light a wash & the bottom “stuff” looks sloppy. LOL The tan capris are nice enough but I don’t usually wear capris. The necklaces are too long & busy for me. When I wear a necklace it’s simple gold or silver with a stone or charm anything else bothers my neck.
    I love the tops. White is something I often buy & have an entire section of white tops in my closet. I especially like the petal hem on the top in front. These tops could be dressed up or down depending what you style them with. Jackets, blazers, slacks, jeans or skirts. As well as the accessories you put with them.

  8. I really like the necklaces. Would probably wear the jeans but not the crops on other mannequin. Don’t do sleeveless unless under a jacket or cardigan.

  9. I don’t care for the outfit on the right mannequin – the crossed panels of the shirt would emphasize my hips too much, and I am not a fan of bejeweled jeans. I would absolutely wear the outfit on the left, only without tying the top at the waist (I would tuck it in if it were too long). I would also swap out the necklace for the metallic circles one on the right mannequin. I really like those tan capris – in what store did you see these mannequins?

  10. Just noticed the scarves hanging slightly behind the mannequins. Those would be so nice draped over the white shirts when it was cooler or in a/c. That would be such a great touch!

  11. Personally, I’m not a fan of crop pants, light wash or bejeweled jeans but those could be easily switched. Otherwise, I like the look!

  12. I may be the only one on this forum, but I actually love both outfits. Of the two, I would purchase the cropped jeans with the modern cross over hem blouse. I think it looks fresh and updated and the sequins are spot on (not too flashy). The only change I would make is to flip the necklaces. I’d wear the blue necklace (that’s currently on the tan pants mannequin) with the cropped jeans outfit. I too love the great scarves behind the mannequins and would throw one of those over my arms. Great display!

    1. I completely agree with Darla. I would only hope the blouses would be cut full enough through the bust and still taper in through the waist.

  13. No. I wouldn’t wear any of it. Both outfits are sort of sloppy looking on their mannequins. The crops are a bad length. I prefer ankle length, especially with the tucked in blouse. The blouse on right is cute and the collar balances out the bottom shape but I wouldn’t wear the wash of the jeans. The layered jewelry looks great but probably wouldn’t wear that much with a casual look.

  14. I love the front top. It is hot here in Texas so sleeveless is fine with me and I think it might camouflage my wide hips some. The necklaces are fun and you could use one, nine, or all, it would be your own preference. The jeans look fun for a date night with the hubby but until you try either pant on you never know, so I’m not going to be quick to pass judgment. I love crop pants but not all crop pants love me.

  15. Yes and yes. I think there is no wardrobe piece nicer than a crisp, white blouse. I am among the last of the women who still iron everything and the khaki crop slacks are total class. I like the denim pants (I’m not calling them jeans). They are dressy and what do you know, there aren’t any holes! I could see them dressed up with a jacket and heels. I like this type of sleeveless white, blue or pink blouses with a suit or other classic jacket because it looks as put together as a long sleeve blouse, but this inferno of a body just can’t handle that much clothing on my upper body any time of year.

  16. I live the top on the right but not the jeweled jeans, and too much necklace for me. As for the other outfit, I like the khakis but I don’t like the blouse tied at the waist-I have enough fluff without adding more. As for sleeveless, I’m working on accepting my arms as they are and actually have worn sleeveless items this summer.

  17. I really like these outfits. (Although, I would wear pants without embellishments, …it’s too ‘fad-dy’ for me.) The outfit in the back looks very Jackie Kennedy, cool and elegant. The one in the front has more of a fun feel with the embellished jeans. I would wear the pants , but would have to wear tops with at least short sleeves to cover my upper arms. Wish I could wear those cooler sleeveless tops!

  18. I would definitely wear the first outfit with the tan crops. It looks very classic. I never find classic pieces boring but feel very polished in them. I also like the second top and the color of the jeans with it but not the bling on the jeans. It’s too blingy ? for me. The necklaces are also nice … I actually own the one with the circles …. but I wouldn’t wear them together.

  19. Whatever happened to sleeves? I love the front outfit. Elbow length (or longer) crossover sleeves to mimic the hem would be lovely.

  20. They would both pull me into the store. I love a crisp white blouse and the hem on the one to the right is an interesting detail. If I still wore sleeveless, I would definitely be coming home with that blouse. A grey slim pant…be still my heart. Yes!
    I do wear capris but am very selective. If the beige ones were a nice fit and long enough (5’8″), I would consider them. They look slim and a variety of tops would coordinate.
    The necklaces I would leave behind. I prefer simple and nothing too long as they make my long, slim body look even slimmer. Not a look I’m after.
    I like your choices Pam.

  21. I love both these outfits as transitional dressing. I love my capris. They are an alternative to shorts as the days start cooling off, but not enough for jeans. The tan ones would work in a casual work environment. I like the tops. They give a neutral vibe with the transitional look. My only issue is I don’t do a lot of white up against my face because white sometimes washes me out. But, looking at this makes me want to give it a try.

  22. Before reading the other comments, I’ll post my opinion first — The only thing here on the mannequins that would draw me in and cause me to make a purchase is the embellished jeans on the far right. These jeans look like they are cuffed to appear to be crops. Great! Versatility! I don’t like either top though, not being partial to a tied top or a top that opens up at hip/tummy level! I don’t need that! (who really does?! ha!). There are just too many tassels on the jewelry. – I’d wear the embellished jeans with a colored plain tee and a casual fitted/tailored jacket to tone down the “dressy-ness” of the embellished jeans. I’d add plain flat leather sandals, a classic tote handbag, and dark sunnies! I’m good to go!

  23. I would wear either one of these outfits with some minor adjustments. I enjoy wearing crop pants in the summer and both these pairs would fit nicely into my wardrobe. Unlike many women my age (65), I love sleeveless tops. I likely wouldn’t tie the one on the left at the waist though as that’s not a look I care for. I love the fit and the hemline of the top on the right. I have a very boyish figure and it would give the illusion of hips that I don’t have! I would probably wear the long colourful necklace on the right mannequin with either outfit, but I’m not fond of the others that are shown.

  24. I love both. That shade of tan does not work with my skin and I would change to another color. Otherwise they are both wins for me

  25. The outfit on the left is out – no crop pants or sleeveless tops for me.
    I’d wear the outfit on the right with a light summer sweater & 1 less necklace.

  26. Yes. I woild wear both. And sleeveless! I find my self-consciousness goes out the window when it’s as hot indoors as outdoors, and impossible to cool down. We don’t need air conditioning here for the short number of hot days — ha!

  27. Yes, I like them both. I don’t wear sleeveless so I would wear the tops with another outfit, under a blazer. I would hem the crops on the left. The crops on the right add interest away from the hips so I would try them on.

  28. I really like the blouse on the right but not sure if it would work for me (it might emphasize my middle too much). It looks lovely with the jeans and the long necklace. A wonderful, casual look.

    I like the color combo of the outfit on the left, but I can’t wear capri length pants. The white top works really well with the tan color, though, and the necklace really finishes it off nicely.

  29. I like the style of both blouses but wouldn’t wear them because they’re sleeveless. I wouldn’t wear the jeans even if they weren’t cropped. I am not a fan of the light wash or the studs. If the tan pants were regular length or above the knee, I would wear them. I have short legs, so crop pants & capris are not flattering.

  30. I would wear the outfit on the right. The crossover detail on the bottom would balance my larger bust line and the details on the jeans would provide additional interest. The pants in the back are nice but I would not wear the knotted top because of my larger belly.

  31. I like both looks and would wear them as seem simple, classic, and comfortable. Both seem understated to me, but feel a bit polished. I love how a white blouse can look different and elevate a simple crop. I would definitely wear a statement necklace or a scarf.

  32. I adore the look on the right except the collar. I never wear man-tailored collars because my face is not much wider than my neck so they make me look like a turtle. And the lines of that top are so feminine till you get to the collar. Probably a different necklace but I love the jeans, I sew so I could alter the neckline

  33. Being overweight but stylish,I would wear the pants in a dark color, the top worn out with one strand necklace/pendant with more color.

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