Beginning the Fall 2018 Wish List With Color Inspiration

I have enjoyed planning this week’s outfits with a fall wish list in mind.  Yesterday, we looked at the modesty trend and wearing warmer weather pants in a similar shade to the quiet gray which is trending for fall.  Today, I am wearing a red…similar to the color Valiant Poppy, one of the colors you will being seeing a lot of this fall.

There are several beautiful colors in the fall palettes (Pantone Fall 2018), and I personally love Valiant Poppy.  The scarf I found on a clearance rack at Kohls at the same time I found the blouse I wore yesterday.  It actually has the Quiet Gray Color and the Tofu, which is a beautiful creamy white.  I have always been more of a fan of the creamy off-whites, over white-whites…do you know what I mean?  This is such a great time of year to take your time to go through the clearance racks.  One of my favorite ways to treasure hunt!

I am hoping to demonstrate how you can find many of these Fall trends in your closet and also use this information to form your own Wish List for Fall.  I will share my wish list and more trends with you tomorrow.

Two more notes about this outfit….the cardigan is from Macy’s and comes in several colors.  I will place it in the slideshow below.  The Tofu Top is from a past Chico’s collection and has the modest neckline (very in for fall) and has a wonderful interesting texture to it.  Adding texture is a great way to make your style more fashionable.

Just a reminder, we are discussing Fall now, because of the great sales happening this month…including the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, where the new fall items are put on sale first and for a short time.  It is good to be educated and plan ahead.  Take stock of what you have that are in the trending colors and style, then do what I am doing and make a Wish List to add a few new updates.

Tomorrow, I will share more fall trends and my wish list.  If you are a Nordstrom Card holder, the sale begins on Thursday.  Also, Macy’s is having a July Black Friday Sale on July 15!  Work on your wish list and, as always…..



  1. This is beautiful! I have a red blazer in this shade, also a cardigan very much like yours and usually pair them with black. Now I’m seeing that they would look nice with many different neutrals and I LOVE the neutral Pantone palette for fall/winter. Also the olive and orange shades, just so much to like here. Your scarf is a stunner! The flowers look like they were painted on. The whole outfit is a definite winner! I also like off-whites and the tofu shade is perfect! I love my white-white jeans, but sometimes around the face the optic whites can look a little harsh. Creamy whites seem better for my complexion too. The deep (deep, deep) red you show in the slideshow, also one of the Pantone colors, is really nice. Just such an interesting, pretty color. That’s another one that goes with so many neutrals. Your yard is really pretty Pam! I always notice that in the pictures!

    1. Thank you, Karen. Since these pictures we had some good rain and now it is green again! I also am excited about these colors. It will be a wonderful fall..but I always enjoy fall!

    1. Thanks Cindy! I like the length of this scarf…so many are too long to wear this way so I look for the shorter lengths!

  2. What a well put-together outfit, Pam! I so much enjoy finding treasures (your scarf) at stores like Kohl’s. It proves it takes a good eye, not a good deal of cash to be well styled. Thank you for linking to the Pantone fall colors. (Is it possible for you to have your links open a new tab, as sometimes I close out of your links, but still want to look at your blog!?)

  3. I’m reaching back into the 70’s for my opinion on this outfit…

    I love it on you and I would love it on me if I had it.

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