Fashion Over 50: Neutrals Which Carry Forward

Welcome Back!  Our holiday is over and it is time to get back to some serious blogging!  What better way than to begin with styling all neutral looks which carry forward to fall.  Last Friday, we began a discussion about Fall 2018 Fashion Trends, HERE.  Though it is sweltering outside, I told you it is good to be aware of the trend styles and colors before shopping July sales.   Having this knowledge also helps you to know what will be your go to pieces coming in the fall.

I usually retire these light grey Eileen Fisher pants at the end of summer.  However, this year, one of the foundation colors is called Quiet Grey.  That gives me permission to wear these pants all year long and pair them in cooler weather with some saturated color.

Also, on the fall fashion runways, one of the trends for 2018 is MODESTY style.  You read it right….modesty.  There were several looks which featured similar necklines on blouses to the one I am wearing in this post.  I picked this one up off a clearance rack at KOHLS from very little, but it will give me alot of wear.   So this entire look today is composed of Eileen Fisher pants originally bought at Dillards; a Dana Buchman top from Kohls; a taupe knit cardigan originally from Chicos; a necklace from my favorite local boutiique (Andie & Barbara); and fun ballet flats by Rockport.  All pieces I have owned for sometime, but never worn together until now.  I really feel my most confident when I wear mostly neutral styles like this.

This week I will show you other ways the Fall Fashion Trends can be found in my current closet…making it easy to transition to fall.  Keep the trends in mind as you begin to shop…remember it is a way to stay current and youthful with your style. Today we discussed modesty style and quiet gray!

How do you feel about the higher necklines returning to fashion trends?  Please leave a comment and always, always…………………………………




  1. Welcome back! Hope your time off was restful and fun! Definitely like the look of the gray and taupe together. That gorgeous necklace ties it all together. I’m glad neutrals are staying strong because they give us so many options! It will be interesting to see how ‘modesty’ style is interpreted this year!

  2. For someone who loves colour and needs a lower neckline with my short neck, these aren’t for me, although I can appreciate them on others. I wear neutrals but always with a pop of colour.

  3. I love the higher neckline especially on well endowed woman. I am not fond of seeing cleavage or crepy skin. 🙂

  4. Welcome back Pam! I love neutral too! I especially love grey, taupe and white!! Your necklace looks great on this pallet!

  5. The higher neckline has a place in my closet but won’t be there much. I will definitely be wearing it! Also, I like your neutrals and Welcome Back!

  6. I love this outfit–I love neutrals and they always make me feel calm and serene, even when I’m not! This is a definite winner for me!

  7. Amen, Sister.
    Some days I don’t want to wear a print, red, or 2 high contrasting colors. I just want to be in peace.
    Your outfit looks perfect for a low key day of gliding along.

  8. I loved the neutral looks in your post! The mention of the “modesty style” made me think of my mother. She loved a nice white buttoned blouse with a collar and would wear it completely buttoned up. She would always look in her local shop for similar blouses. The store owner started calling it the “Doris blouse” after my mother. I like the blouse that you found at Kohl’s and will be looking for something similar.

  9. I wouldn’t normally put that many light neutrals together but I really like it.

  10. I love this look, especially the cardigan. I have a similar cardigan in teal, but I’m going to look for it in a neutral color too.
    Great outfit!

  11. I think neutrals will always be strong, and it is fun to see the lighter ones carry forward. Thanks so much Karen!

  12. I love color too! And there are some beauties for this fall! Thanks Janet!

  13. I am excited to see this come in style for many reasons. Thanks so much, Diann!

  14. I like this neckline and I like be my vnecks…it is fun to mix things up a bit!

  15. What a great story, Sue! How cool would it be to have a Fashion item named for you…your mother sounds classic!

  16. It was an experiment at first and then I fell for it!! Thanks Nina…

  17. Very classic and pretty look. The pendant and bracelet tie it together and it looks cool for a hot muggy day.

  18. Thank you, Jill. It did work great for warmer weather and I pulled the sleeves down in the air conditioning!

  19. I am glad to see modesty making a comeback. Your outfit looks very cool & calm. A great look for those sweltering days when lots of color can make you feel even hotter.
    Glad you are back.

  20. I love this outfit! I have the same cardi and could never come up with anything much to pair it with, other than black. Brown just never quite worked. I never thought of gray. I’ve almost donated it several times. Sure glad I didn’t. We have a cruise to northern Europe in a few weeks and this may make it to my suitcase!

  21. Have fun on your cruise, Susan. I love gray and have added quite a few gray pieces to my wardrobe in the last three years. Thanks for stopping by.

  22. I have a long neck so that neckline works for me. However, sometimes in the past, manufacturers cut the neck holes too small, so I couldn’t even put this kind of top on. We’ll see what they fo this time around. ?

  23. It will be interesting to see how this trend is developed! Thanks for sharing your struggles with designs like this!

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