We are still talking Fall fashion trend styles and colors today. This is the final post to prepare you for all the great sales happening, including the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, early access begins tomorrow.  This outfit will easily go forward in style since the pants are similar to the Martini Olive Trend color for fall, and great basics are always in.

My jacket is my first July sales purchase…an Eileen Fisher piece which is so light weight I can wear it all year long.  My other suit jackets are much heavier, they are difficult to wear for work in summer months.  I found this at close to 60% off the original price in a Dillards’ sale and I love the fit and style.  It was a perfect piece for my South Texas wardrobe and I am certain will be worn often, warm or cold.  I have also worn it with denim for more casual style and love it.  I am certain whenever I do leave the professional world, that jeans and jacket will be a uniform style for me.

After all this talk about fall, here is my personal take on how I see the trends for 2018.  Of course, some recycle around, but with different designs and modern looks.  When I go to these sales this month, I will go with this in mind and, of course, my wish list which follows at the bottom.

Fall 2018 Trends – What I Will Do, and What I Won’t!

Trends I Like – And Will Look for a Modern Fit and Design – Yes, we have seen all of these before and Yes, there are a few new twists on these trends



Animal Prints

Leather and Faux Leather Garments

Colorful Knits

Modest Designs


Trends I Don’t Like and Will Avoid

Excess 80s Designs

Neon Colors

Exaggerated Fringe

Layered Plastics

Skirt Suits (styles look like full body shapeless skirts!)


Trends I Will Approach with Great Caution

Foils – if done too much on a garment, they can look cheap and cheesy

Oversize Styles – I love oversize garments, but, honestly, they do not flatter my shape and often make me appear bigger than I am.  I have donated too many, and taken too many to consignment.  This year, I intend to pay closer attention to fit and shapes.  I must bid this trend farewell.  Most of the fashion sites I looked over for these posts featured many, many oversized garments for this coming year.


With These In Mind, Here is My Current Fall Fashion Wish List

A great fitting pair of Glen Plain Trousers or ankle length pants

A great fitting pair of dark blue pants

A great fitting pair of pants in Meerkat Color, or Almond Buff

Eileen Fisher’s Orange Trench – see in slide show below

Boyfriend Length, Plaid Menswear Jacket

Tops or sweaters in Ultra Violet, Nebulas Blue, Quetzal Green, Tofu, Russet Orange, Red Pear, Valiant Poppy

A fabulous Leopard Print handbag

Watching the shoes and boots for fall, and will report back to you later what I like

I hope this has been helpful.  We should always face the sales with information in our pocket as well as a mental inventory of what we already own.  I store all of this information with my five adjectives of what I desire my style to communicate in my head, and then I SHOP!  There are great sales happening and about to happen at Nordstrom, Macy’s, Amazon Prime, and Chicos ……………just to get you thinking!

What are your favorite and least favorite trends as you know them now?  Please let us know, and then as you plan, KEEP SMILING!


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