Since I began blogging, this has been my favorite July 4th outfit ….and it was in 2016!  I still own this poncho I purchased at Chicos and may wear it this weekend. We are not celebrating on the 4th, but have a family event going on through the weekend.  That is why blogging will be sparse again this week, but after this week it is full throttle July blogging!  And as I said on Sunday….I love this month for blogging!

I usually do not wear a complete red, white, and blue ensemble.  So this is as close as it gets to dressing for the holiday…but, believe, my patriotic spirit is still alive and kicking!  I found some fun July 4 table decorations at Marshalls and they will be so cute for the special dinner I am in charge of.  All of our family members are in charge of different meals for our holiday celebration time and it will be fun to see what my children and their families come up with.

If you are hosting or attending a special celebration, let us know what you are wearing!  We would love to hear…and I know Canadians are celebrating as well!  I found some cute options currently at Chicos and placed them in a fun slideshow below.

So, HAPPY JULY 4th!  HAPPY SUMMER….and ……………….no matter the heat………………………


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