Good morning, ladies.  It is time to take a brief break from talking fashion to looking at some headlines which may be of interest to women over 50, News for Women of a Certain Age.  Let’s start out with a little prevention….

This article reports 5 WAYS TO KEEP DEMENTIA AWAY.…a disease I know is a concern to many of us.

This is actually something I have begun to do more and more since I started working out in the mornings…..THE BENEFITS OF COLD SHOWERS!

We all need to do some homework and be aware that the readings for BLOOD PRESSURE guidelines have changed.  You may want to discuss the NEW READINGS FOR BLOOD PRESSURE with your doctor and WHAT THEY MEAN TO YOU.

Another article that caught my attention because I know so many women who gained weight and struggled with it through Menopause.  HOW TO WIN THE BELLY FAT WAR DURING MENOPAUSE

Now, here is a FREE RETAIL STORE WHICH HELPS FIND JOBS!  Love stories like this!  Please leave any comments .you like about these stories.

Though we took a break today, the sales are still in full swing… look over the slideshow below and see what you think.  I included the Eileen Fisher pants from a request yesterday about my pants…I really do have them in 5 colors and love them!   Happy Thursday, and always, always


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