Well, I am officially age 65!  And just like my other birthdays, I do not feel older….still over 50 feeling 40!  I get more mail…every single company pushing Medicare or senior products now send letters and emails.  I think I get more discounts…though I have never taken a senior discount…I need to make note of the brands and days they offer the sale prices.  It just makes sense to do that.

Other than that, I have to remind myself that this is my age!  I really did not expect to feel this way or look this way at age 65, because my own mother looked much older.  She was not active or social, so she had difficulty moving around and she was generally unhappy.  I remember her often as an example of what I do not want to do over sixty.

So, in an effort to keep my life interesting….I am going to start a new program tomorrow at my gym.   It is a small group working with two trainers and a nutritionist to increase strength, flexibility, and healthy eating.  I will work out three times a week with the trainers, other days do cardio, and learn clean eating and keep a journal of all I eat.  We weigh in and take measurements monthly.  I know one of the trainers and she is tough and will expect a lot, but I also know this will be good for me and it is time to do something new.  I just completed a healthy eating month (except I fell off the wagon in the name of my birthday), so I am ready to keep it going.  I hope to share some recipes and tips with you as I learn something new.

The best healthcare plan I can do is to be proactive to care for myself.  The strength training I have done for the last five years has benefitted me in so many ways and kept me from Osteoporosis medications.  I actually watched my bone density scans improve.  I really think this is my biggest challenge at 65…to officially say goodbye to sugar and to increase my activity.  Eat Less, Move More!  Pretty basic, right?

The only thing new in my outfit today is this necklace from Chico’s.  I took it right off a mannequin when I was in the store recently.  I went in for the big sale…and left with four amazing pieces for a total under $80.  One is a beautiful blue winter coat I found there for $28!!  It is a steal.  You will see all of these beginning with the next post.  This week I also have a new brand to introduce to you.

So, for those of you near or over sixty, what do you believe your biggest challenges are going forward??  Please share…..

I would love for you to look at the slide show below, and please join me as we………………………………………..


Chico’s has a jewelry sale right now, buy one and get a second one half off!


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