A Fond Farewell to the July Sales

July 2018 Sales were awesome and I had so much fun….as I usually do.  Here are two of my favorite purchases…this beautiful blue jacket from Chico’s and a Brahmin handbag from Dillards.

This jacket will be a favorite this fall…and, get ready for this, I paid $28 for it on a clearance rack!  (Love July!).  I love this color and it is on trend for fall.  It was the only one on this rack marked 75% off and at one time was $149.

This Brahmin bag is a birthday present to myself.  I have wanted one for a long time and when I found this one at Dillards for 50% off, I decided it would be mine.  I love it and this color actually is on trend all year long.  My beautiful purple leather Rebecca Minkoff handbag was in a recent and very unfortunante spilled tea incident and the bag was ruined.  I was very sad until I found this one!  At half off, it is still expensive….but it was a gift to myself and I do not regret purchasing it!

My Halogen flats are a July purchase from years back!  I always have good luck shopping during July, so I bid my second favorite month a fond farewell!  Now, there are still some great sales out there and I featured a few items below and HEADS UP….Dillards has a big sale planned for the end of the week and Chicos’s 40% off sale is still on…45% off for those who are Passport members.




  1. I was hoping we’d get a look at the Chico’s jacket! I am sure that in your climate that will take you through the winter! It’s a great color and style, and what a huge bargain!! Isn’t it wonderful to find quality things at prices like that? Gives you such a lift!! That handbag is gorgeous. Really too bad about the purple one, that had to be tough to take! At least you found a beautiful replacement, AND something you’ve been wanting for awhile! I’m thinking that in the future my sister and I are going to have to shift our annual shopping trip to July. Sure would make more sense with all the sales!

  2. Pam, I bought 3 Chico jackets – 2 winter and one summer that I was going to buy full price in May. With sale and birthday discount, the 3 were $75. How about that for a bargain? I have been eyeing another Brahmin bag at Dillards. May go today and get as a late birthday gift to me.

  3. The jacket is beautiful. It is one of my favorite colors, & the price is unbelievable.

  4. I pondered the color for a long time, and finally decided that because it was so creamy and off-white that I would do it! I have brown bags so this was a new color for me. I love it! Thanks Jennifer…the brown one is gorgeous.

  5. The Dillards sale is almost on…maybe the bag will be on sale. Great shopping, Pam!

  6. I highly recommend your trip taking place in July! It is so much fun! But, August is looking pretty good too!

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