Planning Special Home Events Begins Early

You know what I think?  Well, of course, I am about to tell you.  I think that after a marriage has survived 30+ years, we should have another wedding shower!  By then, our dishes, kitchenware,  decorations are worn and tired!  Some of our things have gone to live at the homes of adult children.  Anyone want to start this new tradition with me??

This is the reason I am thinking about our holiday gathering this year….NOW.   I do not do any special decorating for summertime, but it is all out for autumn and the holidays.

My design aesthetic is a cross between French Country/Farmhouse. This is the dining room and after several gatherings around this table, the chairs are broken…shattered…stained…you name it.  So, I am trying to find affordable, appropriate replacements before Thanksgiving.  You can see some of the ones I am thinking about in the slide show at the end of the post.  I am looking at Wayfair and a few local places.  I have ordered three pieces from Wayfair before and I am very pleased with them.

I always have a wreath on my front door…(which one of my neices says reminds her of a funeral home!)…but I like it.  All of my wreaths are tired.  They have been through many years of use.  So, I am also looking now for autumn and I really want a magnolia wreath this year.   If I can get the chairs and the wreath for this year…I will feel accomplished and ready for family events.  But, hey, if anyone wants to host a shower ….let me know.

About my outfit:  I used this picture so I could show the wreath, and this outfit is an older one.  I am so happy you liked it and I didn’t mean to frustrate you.  The top is actually sweatshirt material from a consignment shop; the jeans are INC jeans from Macys; the scarf was originally found at Stein Mart, an the shoes are from Elaine Turner.  I love the look and so wish I could link the pieces for you!!

What about you….are there any home refreshments you would like to do before the holidays this year???  Are there items in your home which need some refreshing?   Let’s talk, and please…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………



  1. I love the simple lines of those Athis chairs! I also like upholstered dining chairs BUT always fear the spills, even with fabric treatment. Just such a pretty look. Your dining room looks beautiful Pam, but when things wear out, we have to act, I agree. I agree about replenishing after so many years. I’m at a place where I am planning to sell my house and downsize, so I’m not buying anything new until I see the layout of a new home, but whenever that time comes, I’ll need some newer things for certain! I also have various wreaths on my front door all year, and had to laugh at your niece’s comment! I don’t see it that way at all. I think they are welcoming and add a nice touch to an otherwise blank space! It’s a chance to welcome each new season. Really like the fall tones in your outfit, that light orange top is a wonderful color! I can’t believe I’m saying this given our very short warm weather season, but I actually look forward to fall colors and textures, boots and sweaters! As much as I look forward to and love summer, fall is my favorite!

  2. Sign me up for a shower! I’m so tired of my things it would be fun to refresh them. It’s funny but my kids don’t want mine…
    I love that top and scarf combo on you. Very pretty.

  3. Love the wreath, and love your look today, Pam!! Please share how we can obtain that ‘layered look’ scarf you are sporting!

  4. Love, love, love your casual outfit! Fall is my favorite decorating time as well. I always look forward to this season. I am coming upon my 34th Anniversary and I agree that we should have a shower!

  5. Very timely discussion, Pam. Jewish ladies have to get everything ready for September holiday gatherings, so I am already thinking about dining room decorating

  6. Moving to different style homes in different parts of the country ensures refreshed decorating! We moved from a cape cod home in PA, to a modern farmhouse in MO, to a mid-sized century modern in WY all in the last 7 years! After 40 years+++ together it has been fun to develop new ideas in decorating!

  7. I surely get your desire for a shower after 48 years of marriage! We updated our dining table with the Aaron side chairs from Pottery Barn. They are very comfortable and fit both my husband who is 6’ and me at 5’6”. A friend of ours bought the same chair in a different finish after trying ours. At our age, and with a one-year-old granddaughter, we didn’t want chairs that would ever need reupholstering. Good luck and have fun!

  8. I so agree with your idea! I don’t believe you should have to stick with old furniture/items you had in the 70’s for goodness sake! I refreshed our home a few years ago with quality furniture that we could not afford back in our early days of marriage and I have not regretted one thing I passed on to others or donated. So, after all these years of working/saving/giving to others, it’s your turn now! LOL By the way…..where did you get that great top? I’m a pocket girl and love this style.

  9. I recently purchased a new tablecloth thinking ahead to the holidays. It was a bit of a splurge. I got it in a shop in Lancaster county and it’s a Mountain Weave cloth in a neutral color that can be used with any holiday. So happy I’m not the only one planning for Christmas in July!

  10. I was 40 when my husband and I married, and we both had established households. When we were given shower/ wedding gifts it was truly a delight — replacing old/broken things with new items was so much fun! So, I have to agree with you about having a shower for 30+ years! I am looking for a wreath for my front door. I think they make the house look warm and inviting!

    Love that top and scarf you have on today, Pam!

  11. Your outfit is so fall, love the scarf. I’m so looking forward to cooler fall and cold winter, I’m just not a summer/hot weather person. Come on cold weather!

  12. Wouldn’t it be fun if we could throw out some old and bring our new!! I have refreshed things a little but would love to do more.

  13. Let’s plan together, GAIL. I have been a guest at Jewish family celebrations and loved it!!

  14. I told someone yesterday that I was happy it was August because it brought me closer to fall. I love fall & always start decorating soon after Labor Day.
    I have been married 42 years & still have the same cookware set I got before my wedding. A local grocery store had a promotion that allowed you to purchase a cookware piece at a reduced price if you spent a certain amount of money. My mother bought the groceries, & I bought the pans. They are Echo stainless steel, & with the exception of one saucepan, they are still going strong.

  15. I enjoy reading all of these comments. I’m going to be in the market for a new wreath and a new doormat this fall!

  16. I will decorate Labor Day weekend, Becky…just so I get to enjoy it for awhile! Thanks so much…your Echo sounds awesome.

  17. Sounds wonderful Linda. I love planning for the holidays in July…takes my mind off the heat.

  18. I just posted up top about the outfit…so sorry to frustrate wearing older things I cannot link to.

  19. With the busy nature of your front door, the simple magnolis wreath is just perfect! Go for it.

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