Fashion Over 50: The Classic Style of Houndstooth

Houndstooth is one of those classics that is always in style.  It is something you can purchase with an eye for longevity as we recently discussed.  I know it’s warm outside, but it is really the best time to get your choice of fall selections.

In THIS POST, I introduced you to Whistle River Trading, a new brand targeted at women like us.  This is their HOUNDSTOOTH Jacket and something I will be glad to have in my closet when the cool breezes blow,  I like the cuffed sleeve, and the fact I can go casual with boots, or professional with classic flats.

One of my former students wrote on Facebook this week that they were wearing jackets in Colorado already.  This is not a heavy jacket, but a great way to transition into fall when it is cooler but not bitterly cold.  You can read more about it at WHISTLE RIVER TRADING HERE.

Anyone else starting to feel cool breezes?  Let us know and from Texas we will be envious!  But, no matter the weather…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..



Disclaimer:  I was sent this garment to review, and there are affiliate links in the post.


  1. Love the houndstooth! That’s always been one of my favorites and I always have something houndstooth in my wardrobe, currently a skirt in the same fabric as your jacket! That’s such a versatile jacket – it will go with so many things! As for the cool breezes, not here yet, thank goodness. August, September and October are such beautiful months here where I live – this is my favorite time of year! More sun and less humidity, you can feel fall in the air but it’s still nice and warm!

    1. I think October through December is my favorite in Texas. I will be glad to see the humidity go down. Thanks Karen…

  2. Asking a question that I know has been asked so many times already but doing so again. How tall are you and what is your average size in clothes now. So sorry for this repeat but really would like to know. Helps me determine if the clothes you are modeling and look so good on you would be somewhat like that on me. As I have posted before, your blog is one of my most favorites.

    Love the houndstooth

    1. Hi Esther…never worry about repeating a question!! I am 5’8” and an Xlarge…a plus size in this jacket would be too big for me. But they do have multiple sizes. I am happy to help in any way I can.

  3. I really like this jacket. I like lighter weight jacket & find them to be more versatile because I can wear them with a sleeveless top or if it is really cold, a long sleeved one.

    1. I am the same, Becky. I prefer to layer for the cold and have lighter garments. Thanks for stopping by.

  4. This is very flattering on you! I do like houndstooth. I have one piece at the moment. I love looking at and buying fall and winter clothes early but I’m in no rush to wear them. Our summers in Canada are generally short and usually very cold the rest of the year.

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