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Happy Saturday, everyone!  It’s time for Would You Wear It with me and Jennifer!  For my mannequin today, tell me about the overall look, but I specifically want to ask about the trend of tucking in one part of a blouse and leaving the other part out.  You can comment on the outfit and the trend!  So, ladies…………………………………………………


After you answer, go over to A WELL STYLED LIFE and comment on Jennifer’s mannequin!  Then you might check out some of the fun pieces I found in the slide show below! Chico’s still has 40% off, and there are big sales at Macy’s and Dillards.

Have fun with this exercise and, please………………..



  1. I don’t hate the look of a half-tucked top, I think I would try it. I like the skirt and it has interesting waistline detailing, so it should be tucked. On the other hand, I don’t like the blouse with that skirt. If it was a little less voluminous and perhaps in a soft yellow, it would be perfect.

  2. At first I thought I would like the blouse with another bottom (never that skirt and never yellow), but it is just too full under the arms. I would not wear any part of this outfit.

  3. Separate items, yes. Combined, no because too much volume. I like the half-tucked look, but as a high school teacher, I feel like I’d appear to be (a) either trying too hard to look young or (b) doing it wrong or look sloppy. I want to make the half-tucked look work, but never seem to be able to!

    1. Oh, I agree! I always try half-tucking, but being short (5’0) AND short waisted, I cannot pull it off. This seems to be a taller person’s look. I am jealous when I see someone pulling it off. So, if you can do it, I say go for it. Someone else may just envy you.

  4. I like the look of a half tucked top. It adds a glimpse of a waistline/ focal point to my midsection (not my best feature)! On my body, it can appear to subtracts pounds and that’s always a plus!

  5. Yes, I struggle to get the half tucked look right. So far I have learned off centre tuck is the best placement and texture and weight of the shirt factor matters. My hubbie hates the look and hopes that the style is fleeting. I love this outfit and would love to try it on.

  6. Probably not something I would wear, but I do like the waist detail, maybe in a solid color. Not the blouse, adds too much bulk for me. I do like the half tucked look because it gives the look of a waistline and it makes me look trendy without buying anything new. I can do that with my current wardrobe.

  7. Don’t like the color palette at all. White (off white) would be draining next o my face and I don’t like the half-tucked trend. The yellow floral skirt is not my color. The whole ensemble looks more like spring than fall to me. Would not wear this ever!!

  8. I have tried the half tuck look when I felt out of proportion and needed a quick fix. However, if it is a top I love I usually end up hemming for a neater look. I would not wear the outfit because too much volume.

  9. I haven’t mastered the half ticked look. It always seems undone on me. I like the skirt but I coukdn’t wear something with so much volume. The top seems too hard to wear with those huge dolman sleeves.

  10. No I wouldn’t wear this look Pam – I don’t care for the flowery skirt and the top has too much volume. Have a great weekend!

  11. Pretty fabric on the top but it looks too voluminous for my inverted triangle silhouette. I like a half tuck (done well) for the same reason. It give waist definition with large tops.

  12. The colors and style look cool for summer. I like this look but find I struggle with putting a top with a floral skirt. The half tuck looks silly on me so I look at other options for giving the illusion of a waist. Sadly, I pass on wearing this outfit.

  13. Do I know how the half tucked look started? Just curious who started the informal trend.
    As to outfit I am not crazy about vertical lines in blouse. Love the yellow skirt & hope to see more yellow/gold for fall (but no I would not wear it as I would look 20 pounds heavier)

    1. I am not certain as to how it started…I have seen it alot in the last year…it may have been here before that, Pam. When I say this mannequin, I thought it would be interesting to ask all of you about it! Thanks so much.

  14. For me, no to both pieces. The top doesn’t have any shape, too much material, which would make my apple shaped body appear that much bigger on top. The skirt is too busy, the pattern and style looks like it came out of the 1970’s, from a thrift store.

  15. I don’t like this outfit at all. The white top is too bright for the skirt and it looks like an out-of-control poncho. I’m short and chunky so I don’t wear skirts because they just make me look shorter and chunkier.

  16. Half tucks don’t work for me. I have a well-defined waist and hips. Half tucks do nothing for my shape.

    Half tucks do not work with a look that has a lot of volume, either. What’s needed here is a full tuck with a wide belt to cinch in the volume. As it stands, this outfit says “buccaneer at a theme park”.

  17. I love the outfit and would wear it if I were 20 pounds lighter. I think the gathered skirt would not make the image in the mirror give me a happy feeling. I would look at this outfit as a goal for me.

  18. As to the half tucked look, I am not a fan. It reminds of someone running late & out the door half dressed. I don’t care for either of the outfits. The dress reminds me of a robe, & the skirt & top just don’t appeal to me.

  19. I like the top and I think it works with the half-tuck because it gives some definition to the voluminous quality. But I don’t care for the skirt at all, and don’t care for it paired with this top.

    I think this top would work with pants or a skirt that are a bit more tailored. The floral print doesn’t work with this style top.

  20. I wouldn’t wear the two together- but the skirt with a t or tank would be fine. I’m not a fan of floral or yellow tho…
    I’d wear the top with skinny jeans and maybe a chain belt. Tame some of the volume a bit! That dolman/raglan sleeve can be a problem if you’re busty like me!

  21. This poor girl is confused! She doesn’t know if it is summer or winter! Since when do we mix a winter sweater with a summer print skirt? Alone….perhaps….but not together!

  22. I like a half-tuck. I do it with straight skirts or jeans-style bottoms to show off a cute belt and suggest that I have a waistline without a full muffin-top reveal.

    I agree with Beth that this outfit is too voluminous for that. If the bottom were slimmer I probably would like it better. I have several slim patterned skirts/pants – purchased in weak moments- and I like those half-tucked. I think it’s the gathers on this skirt that make me think I’d look like a jumbo muffin.

  23. I just can’t seem to pull off the half tuck and I agree with most of the comments about this look.

  24. I find I don’t care one way or the other about the half tuck. Because I’m an apple shape, I always wear a top untucked. As for the outfit, nothing goes together … not the colors, season, degree of formality, texture, shape, or proportions. While I know we are supposed to avoid the dated, dreaded matchy-matchy, the alternative should not be to close your eyes, grab a couple of random pieces, and call it style.

  25. I like the half-tucked look with jeans but not with this outfit. I like the waist detail on this skirt & the big, flowy half-tuck shirt hides it somewhat.

  26. As for the outfit: No I wouldn’t wear it. I don’t like bright prints in general but definitely not that much of it. Also in order to not look uber frumpy in this you’d have to be built like that mannequin. As for the trend: I didn’t know it was a trend since I’ve been doing it for thirty years lol.

  27. I never tuck or half tuck anything – and I haven’t worn a belt in years! Also, what is up with all these bald mannequins??? If the store/fashion industry/or whoever’s purpose was to put the focus on the clothing and not the mannequin – they failed! I can’t get past the gosh-awful mannequin to focus on the clothing! 🙂 Have a great week, Pam!

  28. Top is way too much….not sure what it could be worn with attractively. The skirt looks too flower-child to me . Of all the clothes in a store, this ensemble was chosen for display? I’d head on over to the next store. ?. I’d hide behind sunglasses too if I had to wear this mess. ??….but if my friend wanted to wear this, I’d still be nice to her and keep her as my friend.?

  29. Catching up after two weeks camping without wifi. I would not wear either of these pieces as the top is too shapeless and I don’t care for the colour or pattern of the shirt. I have, however, started wearing the partially tucked look. It doesn’t work with well with every top, but I have a couple that I like to wear that way.

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