Casual Fashion Over 50: Fresh, Confident and Youthful

I set aside a small budget for fall shopping and ended up spending it all at JJill.  This is my favorite look…I feel comfy and confident in this and can mix the pieces with other outfits already in my wardrobe.

One of the reasons I do like to participate in an occasional trend is because it will help me to feel youthful, modern, and current.  The plaid is the trend piece here…and normally I would not go for a matchy scarf, but this one just completed the outfit so well.

It’s a fun look.  I went out last night with my husband and wore this…he likes it a lot as well.  I also like this top with a collared shirt underneath it…it looks very classic and clean.  This entire outfit is below, and the SCARF IS HERE.

What fall trends are you drawn to this year?  Has anything in particular caught your attention?  I think for me it would be the plaids and animal prints.  Please answer and then check out the slide show below.

Good news for me….My rotator cuff is not torn and though I am still in pain, I have been referred to physical training and have hope now that I will return to normal.  It did set back my workout routine, and my good health plan, but I am keeping a positive attitude and will get back in shape as quickly as I can…..every reason to….



  1. Pam, you looked great, and I agree with you: the Jjill collection this year is really lovely. I love the camel and black (or navy) combos they’re showing, and they have plaid done right. I too like the plaid and animal print (natural colors only for this girl) trend this year, though I consider them both more of a case of classics having a “moment.” The other trend I’m loving is the varied brown colors, especially the saddle brown leathers, and the camels in soft, draped wool and cashmere. On trend today … classic for years to come. While I like metallics in shoes, the all over metal “spacesuit” trend is one I’m passing on.

  2. Great looking outfit and it does have a ‘fall’ feel. I’m a sucker for leopard prints and plaids. I try to keep the leopard prints minimal, though instead of covered head to toe. I either use in accessories or a top or sweater, then mix those items with solid colors. (I do like a little pattern mixing, but when I do, I keep that minimal too.) I have to check myself as I would buy plaid/buffalo check everything. That too, I wear one item at a time.

  3. Good Advice, Diana. I normally would not add a scarf like this with the same print as the pant, but when I looked at it at the store, I really liked it. So this would be an exception to that rule, but I usually follow the same guideline. Thanks for your comment.

  4. LOL…I so agree on the space suit, Linda. I love your classics having a moment statement! The camels and blues and even camels and blacks are just beautiful. I wish I had more opportunities to wear cashmere to justify the cost per wear…I just love it.

  5. I do like your outfit Pam – the choice of scarf is perfect.
    Next week I plan on looking at Fall pants, maybe even a pants suit !!
    Who knows. Cashmere sweaters sound marvelous, unfortunately they are not in my Fall budget…..perhaps for Christmas?

  6. My spirits are so lifted now that I know surgery is not part of the picture. I have hope it will improve!! Thanks so much, Jennifer!

  7. Such a pretty and becoming outfit, Pam. The scarf is the perfect final touch, and I understand that matching your scarf to your top is considered very chic in France right now! This scarf works for both top and bottom 🙂

  8. Great outfit! The print with the plaid in the scarf keeps it from being matchy matchy. The outfit looks like it would perfect for running & errands & casual dining. That is what my lifestyle is all about.

  9. I didn’t know that about the women in France currently matching like this…love it even more now. Thanks Cynthia!

  10. Works for all of that, Becky. I am going to a high school football game next weekend and think I will wear it there too.

  11. Thanks Elaine…me too! Just returned from my first day back at the gym in a month…only doing cardio but it felt good to be back.

  12. Love that outfit and I actually find “dressy/casual” one of the hardest looks to pull off so this gives me a couple of ideas about pulling together a few pieces that I already own and maybe adding 1 or 2 new pieces to get this look.
    I always love plaids and a good leopard print – but just a wee bit – I actually have my eye on a purse in black leather with a leopard print insert – just that little bit to make me smile but not recoil in horror when I see it overdone! 🙂

  13. Love this outfit on you, Pamela! The scarf is just right, not overly matchy-matchy. So excited for you that you don’t need surgery!

  14. Yes, mostly to animal prints and some plaid. You look great in this and I’m happy to hear your rotator cuff isn’t torn. It will get better!

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