I set aside a small budget for fall shopping and ended up spending it all at JJill.  This is my favorite look…I feel comfy and confident in this and can mix the pieces with other outfits already in my wardrobe.

One of the reasons I do like to participate in an occasional trend is because it will help me to feel youthful, modern, and current.  The plaid is the trend piece here…and normally I would not go for a matchy scarf, but this one just completed the outfit so well.

It’s a fun look.  I went out last night with my husband and wore this…he likes it a lot as well.  I also like this top with a collared shirt underneath it…it looks very classic and clean.  This entire outfit is below, and the SCARF IS HERE.

What fall trends are you drawn to this year?  Has anything in particular caught your attention?  I think for me it would be the plaids and animal prints.  Please answer and then check out the slide show below.

Good news for me….My rotator cuff is not torn and though I am still in pain, I have been referred to physical training and have hope now that I will return to normal.  It did set back my workout routine, and my good health plan, but I am keeping a positive attitude and will get back in shape as quickly as I can…..every reason to….


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