Welcome to Would You Wear It with me and my friend, Jennifer Connolly.  We each take our own unique approach to selecting mannequins for you to evaluate.  Jennifer usually finds a current trend to bring to you and I usually look for a mannequin that I find interesting, for good and bad reasons.  Often I am walking through retailers and something catches my attention and then I wonder, “Hmmm…how many would wear it?”  You are certainly welcome to comment on one ot both mannequins here, but it was the one in the red skirt which captured my attention.  The top has a long back to it.  So, look it over and then tell us, ladies,…..


Please explain your answer…dont’ just answer yes or not, tell us why.  Then go visit A WELL STYLED LIFE and tell Jennifer what you think.  I hope you will look over some of the fun pieces below……….It’s Saturday, make sure you



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