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Welcome to Would You Wear It with me and my friend, Jennifer Connolly.  We each take our own unique approach to selecting mannequins for you to evaluate.  Jennifer usually finds a current trend to bring to you and I usually look for a mannequin that I find interesting, for good and bad reasons.  Often I am walking through retailers and something catches my attention and then I wonder, “Hmmm…how many would wear it?”  You are certainly welcome to comment on one ot both mannequins here, but it was the one in the red skirt which captured my attention.  The top has a long back to it.  So, look it over and then tell us, ladies,…..


Please explain your answer…dont’ just answer yes or not, tell us why.  Then go visit A WELL STYLED LIFE and tell Jennifer what you think.  I hope you will look over some of the fun pieces below……….It’s Saturday, make sure you




  1. Maybe the blue and black one…at home…feeling under the weather.
    The red skirt one is a seamy, floppy, draggy mess—a Home Ec disaster.

  2. Although I like the outfit, I am not sure that the shorter top on the right would be long enough to cover my tummy! I would definitely wear the outfit on the left though.

  3. I like ruffle skirts because they suit slim-waisted figures. However, I like them with a fitted top. My rule is volume on top or on bottom, never both. That said, I have seen very few of them in stores where I live, and none have been above a size four.

    The blue tunic top and black bottoms has the proportions right for a triangle figure. Draw the attention up.

  4. The black top and red skirt look awful together. The black top needs a pencil skirt or straight leg pants. That skirt has too much going on. I like the blue sweater.

  5. The red & black outfit is a hot mess—just too many ruffles and different lengths going on. I would not wear it.

  6. The black top seems to have very wide shoulders and is so shirt in front that I would not wear it or the skirt as the ruffled side would bring width. The outfit inbackI would wear as I like long tops on my body shape.

  7. That is a strange top. It seems to end at the widest part of the hips, and that long back is weird. For me, there is too much material and not enough shape. The skirt has the same issue. The ruffle would accent any fullness in hip and thighs. I am short, so think I would get lost in all of that. I really do like the one on the left though. I often dress in that vein. Interesting mannequins today. Thanks Pam!

  8. I would wear them separately, but not together. There is just too much going on with the bias ruffle on the skirt and the duo-length top, your eye can’t appreciate either and just sees a huge jumble of stuff going on.

  9. Like the blue/black combination the best. I can see that at home, after a long day of running errands, going antiquing on a beautiful fall weekend or visiting close friends for an evening of board games or cards. Great choices this week!

  10. The red and black looks like something a three year old would put together. The skirt looks lumpy. I think the fabric is just wrong for the skirt. The black top doesn’t make any sense to me. The front and back should flow together and that just looks choppy.
    The blue and black is definitely something I would wear. I like the interesting neckline and the asymmetrical hemline.

  11. No No No! Too much volume, shapeless and unappealing colors!!! Would make a good old bathrobe!! LOL Have good weekend Pam!

  12. I’m a huge fan if Red and black, but tge skirt is too frilly/full with the loose cape. I prefer a slim skirt with a full top. The outfit on the left though is a perfect weekend look for me. Tge slim pants with the long top is sooo cute, wish that top was red!

  13. The red and black outfit should have been steamed to get the wrinkles out, when they dressed the mannequin. For me, no to that outfit, there’s no structure and too much floppy fabric that would make me look larger. The blue and black out fit, however, I would give a try!

  14. I wouldn’t even be tempted try either piece on! I need longer tops, no shoulder pads, and simple lines. The outfit on the left, though, is cute!

  15. The black and red outfit is a definite no!!! I don’t think these pieces work well together at all. Separately, I could see the top with slim black pants. The skirt would be great with a fitted top.

    I like the outfit on the left. The neckline on the top is unusual, but I like the styling of this top.

  16. I would wear what’s on the left mannequin because the visual weight of the top is lower on the body. I actually love that top!!
    My shoulders are too big for the top on the right.

  17. Thank you Beth! After some of you began to speak about the second look’s neckline I went back to take a look…good observations.

  18. Hi Pam! Yes, on the red skirt. I like the asymmetry of the red skirt and mottled look to the fabric. The top, No, I don’t prefer black or the flow-y-ness.

  19. The black top & red skirt have too much going on for my simple taste, & I don’t think the proportions would be right for my body. I like the blue & black combo, & I might wear it at home as relaxed Sunday afternoon outfit. I probably would not wear it out.

  20. This display looks like the person doing the design was not paying attention. The red skirt is cute. The black top is cute. They are not in any way cute together. I guess I wouldn’t be wearing them as they are displayed on these mannequins.

  21. I would not wear it as it doesn’t go with three of my five style words (classic, classy, polished). While I love both red and black, this gives too much of a color blocked look as an outfit. I would have trouble mixing it and accessorizing it. I prefer clothes that aren’t such standouts, as I choose to wear the same pieces frequently and count on accessories to make the look. I’m afraid people would say, “Oh she’s wearing that red ruffle skirt -again-“

  22. No to both, the right has too much material, and cuts you in half. The left cuts you lower but still is two colors breaking up the figure. I think I’m tiring of two colors, one on top, one on bottom. Just me probably.

  23. Outfit on left is a yes, outfit on right, no thanks. Colors on both are fine (but my shape is better with black on bottom and color on top) The diagonal and softly curving lines in the blue sweater look good with the slim pants but black sweater and red skirt are both bulky pieces that would add visual weight and there’s too many competing lines (horizontal, diagonal, ruffles) that confuse the eye.

  24. I’m afraid not – there is just too much volume everywhere for me – I’d look like a walking tent. It’s not that I don’t like this softer look but it just never looks good on me. I need tailored clothes and I feel much more pulled together in simple, tailored pieces.

  25. I would not wear the red and black outfit pieces together. Separately they could work. The black sweater would look good with skinny jeans and cute boots. The red skirt would look nice with a more form fitting, less bulky top.
    Now the outfit on the left…that’s a win, win. ?

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