Chico’s So Slimming Juliet Pant: Fit, Fashion, and Fun

Along with the arrival of my favorite season, comes the arrival of new patterns and options for Chico’s So Slimming Juliet Pants.  This is one of my favorite pants…flattering, stylish, affordable, and top quality.  Aren’t these Herringbone pair I am wearing here amazing?

I am thrilled to add them into my wardrobe with my other Juliet pant styles…I have neutrals and prints, because they are such a great pant and work well for on or off the job.  They are very comfortable and I can easily stay in them all day at work and wear them to an event afterwards.

After 35 years, Chico’s has earned a well-deserved reputation for their ability to fit all sizes of women well. They have continued to hone in on this important area for their customers.   Now, these pants will fit 0-20 and are also offered in petite and tall.   These new Juliet selections have even more stretch and a tummy panel to hold things in where we want them held….I, for one, love that feature.



I selected this stylish Herringbone pattern with a small dot to go with the asymmetrical Black Label top, and for the perfect extra touch, the new Chico’s reversible necklace.  The Leopard Print side matches as if it were meant for this outfit.  Or, instead of leopard in a necklace, get the leopard print Juliet Pant.  So, many decisions and all of them fun.



If you are looking for a collection of pants which will fit many body types, try the Juliet.  I believe you will like what you see.  And I highly recommend the new styles available at Chico’s.  You can see all of these pieces in the slideshow below plus save 35% on your purchase in honor of the 35th Anniversay. Remember you can become a Passport Member for free and receive extra savings on every purchase and free shipping.They will be giving the 35% off through September 23.   Let’s celebrate and




Disclaimer:  I was provided product from Chico’s for this post, but the words are my own.


  1. Loving my Juliet So Slimming pants too! Love the pattern you picked and the fun necklace!

    Dawn Lucy

  2. I’m a big fan of Chico’s so slimming pants. Comfortable, easy care and stay looking great a long time.

  3. What a great outfit! I’m glad you did a close up view because from a distance, I couldn’t see the herringbone.

  4. I love the pants! They look great on you and I imagine they would be flattering for most shapes and sizes! I may have to give them a look, though in the past I haven’t had any luck figuring out Chico’s sizes. Love the top too!

  5. That is why I did the close up, Becky, I wanted everyone to see how wonderful the design is!

  6. Chico’s has really upgraded their sizing, Linda and fit almost everyone. Go to the slide show below and click on the pants…go to the page and look at all the way the sizing is explained. I think you will be pleased.

  7. Such a beautiful outfit for you, Pam! Love every piece! I think these pants might be a must-have for my wardrobe!

  8. Hi Pam!I love the combination of that outfit you’re wearing. I’ll try to look for a replica of that, here in our local stores!

  9. What I like best about the Juliet pants is that there is no zipper and snap closure at the front, that in my opinion only adds bulk. I have moved past front closures on my pants and it has made a huge difference in how my clothes fit and look. Love the pants, top and necklace! I like the small touch of leopard and love your shoes. Do you size up when you buy the pants? In the pictures (and from trying them on) they seem to fit more like skinny pants, but I like the way yours look like dress pants, not skinnies. So I wondered….

  10. I did not size up, Karen. These are the size 3 pant I usually buy and I think I could have sized down on the top…it is a 3, but I think a 2 would work as well. Happy Monday!

  11. These look great! I have those pant in black but was leery of the pattern because I am pair shaped but I will have to try them on!

  12. Love the pants! It’s got two patterns going on. The leg shape is very flattering. I’m not a skinny legged girl in both senses of the phrase.
    That necklace is worth it’s price for sure. It knocks me out.

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