I have just completed three months of using only skincare products by Chamonix, and I continue to be amazed, pleased, and loving all the compliments.  My face and neck have never looked this nourished, glowing, and, yes, youthful…it is an amazing line and I have seen results since the day I first began three months ago.

Each day has begun with cleansing and light exfoliation with my white wash cloths…learned this tip years ago and it works great!  I have followed that with the genucel® Deep Firming Serum (DFS) with Plant stem cell technology (uses an extract of natural plan stem cells).  Firming is exactly what I have experienced, but my face also drinks this serum like a refreshing glass of water.  Each time I use it, I touch my cheek just to feel how silky it is.

I also use the serum once a week after cleansing with their Cristalles At Home Microdermabrasion Treatment.  Again, an excellent product that is not harsh for my over 60 skin.  I have used the serum daily for three months and still have some product remaining in the bottle, so it does go a long way…and is worth every drop.

Who doesn’t love compliments? I love to hear these words….”You look great, what are you doing to your skin??” or my favorite, “There’s no way you are 65!”  It feels great and keeps that smile on my face!

I highly recommend Chamonix and, of course, I always recommend to



Disclaimer:  I was provided product for the post, but the words are my own. 

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