It is funny to me that this is a controversial combination…black and brown.  But, I love it.  Wearing these two together, I believe, it such a rich and elegant choice…even with a casual style such as the one I am wearing.

I suppose there are some who think they are too similar.  I am not sure why the controversy, I just know from all my reading and studying about fashion merchandising, that a controversy does exists.  I think it is the same with wearing black and navy blue.  Another chic, elegant combination.

But, I always find different ways to combine black and brown…so are you in or are you out?  How do you feel about black and brown worn together?  If you like it, like I do, I found some black and brown options below.  Happy Fall and

Please Keep Smiling!

Breaking News:

Jennifer and I are taking Saturday off…so there will be no WOULD YOU WEAR IT this week…thank you for your patience.  We will return next Saturday for more mannequin fun…until then we have more posts for you on our individual blogs…we hope you enjoy!

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