It’s Beginning to Bling A Lot Like Christmas

I am tired from last week, but ready to dive into my favorite season…which means I have a lot of work to do, especially decorating the house! One of my favorite things of the season is the permission to bling it on! This top photo was one of my favorite styles from last year…a Chico’s poncho and necklace which made me love winter white, silver, black and red.  With those colors in mind, I went to my closet to fashion a new casual look for this year.

This Vera Wang sweater from Kohls has been in my closet a long time.  It is a winter white with silver metallic designs on top.  So, I have added an Eileen Fisher red poncho, my Joan Vaas leggings, and Sam Edelman ballet flats.

This will work for errand running, meeting friends for lunch, or church during the next few weeks and give me a Christmas feel…without the Christmas sweater!!  This has the right amount of bling for me right down to the shiny bracelet.  I always wear a touch more during the holidays than I usually do.  I even wear a touch of glitter in my eye shadow this month….it is a Bobbi Brown Shadow like I found below.

So much fun…does anyone else do this…fashion the same colors and bling in a different way for a new year?   Please share!  Then, look over the slide show below and, as always,…………………………………………………………………………………..




  1. Lovely outfit Pam! Great red, and just enough for Christmas season! Yes, I bring out the fashion bling this time of year! It’s time to sparkle!

  2. This does look festive with the red poncho and the embellished sweater! What a great look for the holiday season. I like to embellish a little bit too for running errands, going out with friends…just a fun way to be a little different from the ordinary and celebrate the season! That bracelet is gorgeous!

    1. Thanks Karen…I really have too much costume jewelry…I forget to wear pieces like this. But, love it all too much to clean it out!

  3. Would you consider doing a blog about what fads you think will survive in 2019. I am talking about leggings for grown women, shark tops, asymmetrical tops,jeans with holes in them, shoulders exposed in tops, cross body bags etc. It seems that some fads mercifully fade away quickly but others become more or less classics and are wearable. Thank you.

    1. I will, Jill! I have connections in the Fashion Industry so I will tap those sources and do the post. Great idea!

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