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Hello and Welcome to News for Women of a Certain Age!  I have not done one of these posts in awhile, but there were some headlines I wanted to share, so believed it is time!  Whenever I collect news headlines, I believe you would be interested in then I curate one of these posts.  So, grab a cup coffee or tea and let’s get started.

I really enjoyed this post from Refinery 29 featuring 7 Older Stylish Women.  I am familiar with a few of these and enjoyed reading a little more about them.  If you have difficulties with the link, just try hitting Ctrl + click.

This is one I needed to read since I sit so long every day for both of my jobs…if you are a sitter as well, then read this from CNN about how to possibly live longer.

Another convicting; yet, interesting article about time we are spending on screens!  I suppose I should not be surprised at How Much Time We Spend on Screens.

I am not officially on the KETO Diet, but these two KETO RECIPES are good ones even if all you do is watch your sugar intake.  You might try them out and of course this woman is very inspirational.

Finally, Forbes writes about BABY BOOMERS RETURNING TO THE JOB MARKET IN 2019.   I know I am working hard, but apparently many desire for different reasons to get back out there.  Interesting read.

Please feel free to comment on any or all of these stories.  I will be back tomorrow with the Look #3 of the colorful jacket.  Until then, please make sure you………………………………………………………………………………………………


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  1. Interesting articles! I especially enjoyed the one about stylish, older women. It points out how as we get older, our style really does become our own. Thankfully, it’s not like in our grandmother’s or even our mother’s time, when it tended to be more “one look for all.” My mom finally gave up telling me I am too old for long hair, but she sure tried! As I get older, one of the big benefits has been much less concern about what people think. I have more wrinkles and battles with gravity, but also much more confidence. It’s a good time! The sitting, that is a given, isn’t it? I spent 46+ years in office jobs, so an effort had to be made to exercise, and thankfully I had a motivated friend who walked with me for an hour at lunch. Now exercise has become a priority every day, it’s never too late to defeat those years spent sitting! I’m far from being on any one diet plan, but those recipes look interesting. Like personal style, I’ve found I need to do what works for me that I’ll stick to, so it’s fresh fruits and vegetables, fish or chicken and grains. This will never preclude the occasional bacon and ice cream, however, because I don’t have success with deprivation! To thine own self be true, you know!? I missed this feature, you always find such interesting articles! And I did grab a cup of coffee to enjoy while reading!

  2. Being stylish at a certain age seems to mean being tall and model slim. That’s not life in the real world at any age.

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