One of the challenges of being a blogger is walking that fine line between what a reader wants, and what you think a reader should know.  I have always believed I am here to encourage you to look and feel your best…however, you define it.  But, I have to agree on the wraps…many are not flattering, and if you are not careful they can take you into the “frumpy zone.” (Cue the evil music!)

The “Frumpy Zone” is that place where we begin to not care about our appearance and desire to hide behind our clothing.  It is a place where we can look older than we are.  It is a place where our self- esteem can plummet.  When I turned 50, I lived solidly in the frumpy zone and it was robbing me of joy and living life to its fullest.

Coming out of that place turned me around and returned life, confidence, joy and fun to me in ways which was empowering in my life.  This blog has always been about that journey and been about much more than clothing.  Obviously, I wear ruanas, wraps, kimonos, ponchos for bop- around- comfort- style. There are days I love the easy, creative style.   But, let’s be honest here…the times I wear these garments are most often times when I am not feeling confident about my body.  I go up and down, and up and down with my weight and there are days, I want a fun wrap to put a smile on my face, but also perhaps to do a little hiding.  Is that a bad thing…not necessarily, but if I were to hide day after day, then it might be.  The truth about style is that no matter our size we can look smaller and better in clothing with great fit.

I was asked by a reader to do the WRAP sequence.  There is one more look I will post.    We will also revisit soon how to style a look in order to appear smaller.  We will also discuss going to a gym and how I am boosting my metabolism, as well as, beginning to eat healthier (finally after years of saying I was going to do it).  For those of you who do not wear wraps because they are not flattering, bravo to you.  But, to those of you who wear them and perhaps struggle with body image as I sometimes do, then heed this advice

  1. Pick something fun, different, and true to who you are
  2. Look for ones not too oversized….with many of the wraps you can size down
  3. A sheer wrap with a flattering fit underneath works best.
  4. Add statement accessories to individualize your look, and to draw the eye of the beholder to the piece.
  5. Don’t wear these often…make them the exception for comfort times or casual style rather than the norm.
  6. Have the courage to come out of hiding…if that is what you are doing.

I took pictures of my work outfit in front of artwork to remind you that we are all masterpieces with our own unique beauty…..just as any good painter does, enhance it, don’t hide it.  I would not be doing you service unless I pointed out the potential pitfalls of these garments…and I get it, I have hidden behind them before when my self confidence was struggling.  We all have those days.  Tomorrow’s wrap is very unusual…come back to see what you think.

We haven’t discussed frumpy in awhile…how do you define the word…what is frumpy to you?  Remember the key to any great masterpiece is to



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