How to Style Red Pants with Reverence

This week, I will have fun with How to Style Red Pants.   I will find three different ways to wear my Soft Surroundings Colored Metro Leggings from garments currently in my closet.  Let’s begin with a faux-suede topper also from Soft Surroundings, my black mock turtleneck wool top from EILEEN FISHER, Life Stride Boots, and a past clearance purchase necklace from Target.  The bracelet is also a past boutique purchase.  I believe the topper and top give this outfit the reverence, chic, intelligent messaging; and the pants, button details and accessories give it the creative, approachable flair I look for with each outfit I wear.

My blog began in July 2010, and five years prior to that time I went through my over 50 reinvention.  I was a sponge during that time…I could not read enough or learn too much about caring for myself inside and out and becoming the confident woman I desired to be.  I have started to return to some of my favorite books from those early days because there were a handful which influenced me immensely.  One was also published in 2010 and is called The Essentials of Fabulous by Ellen Lubin-Sherman.  I would like to share with you this week some of her writing which really hit home with me.

First off, Ellen describes fabulous people as being ageless and passionate about life.  She defines fabulous as “a strategy…a viewpoint…an attitude about life.  It is chain mail armor, discipline, and a commitment to be generous and open, straightforward and real.  It’s about loving yourself, believing in your abilities, and then going after everything you want without compromising manners, good taste, ethics and charm.  It is about being resilient and having fun, no matter how many curve-balls life throws you.”

Her book covers these ten traits of Truly and Completely Fabulous People:

  1. They are passionate about life.
  2. They are delightfully authentic.
  3. They are revered for their amazing attitude.
  4. They are warm and completely accessible.
  5. They have flair.
  6. They have impeccable manners.
  7. They’re competent.
  8. They just “get it.”
  9. They have big bandwidth.
  10. They are vivid virtually.
  11. They have a board.

This book is full of great wisdom which would be so applicable to women today.  I will revisit some points this week.  The has been re-released under the name THE ESSENTIAlS of FABULOUS BECAUSE WHATEVER DOESN”T WORK HERE ANYMORE.  What does the word “fabulous” mean to you?  When you think of it, where does your mind go?   Please tell us and remember to always………………………………………………..



  1. First of all, that necklace is fabulous! When I think of ‘fabulous’, I think of something that stands out, a show-stopper. It’s interesting to read the points from the book, kind of takes ‘fabulous’ from show-stopping to achievable, even daily. I have noticed those leggings each time I look through the Soft Surroundings catalog. They come in a nice variety of colors, though I can see why you chose red! This tone of red seems to be more of a neutral, so I’ll be interested to see all the ways you style these pants!

  2. Red is my favorite color and I have more of it than any other color in my wardrobe so I’m looking forward to these posts. February is Heart Month so bring on the Red!

  3. For the first time ever following your blog, I don’t like this outfit at all. I like the top and necklace….it’s gorgeous.
    Separately, I like the pants, but not as an outfit here.

  4. Yay! Red! I think some women are just afraid of the color. It’s my favorite (along with yellow.)

  5. I love this necklace! I can’t believe you found it at Target. I do wish I could wear red. It’s just overwhelming on my coloring but I might try them in pants. I’ll be looking forward to other ways you style these.

  6. I like this styling the best. The pants aren’t bright red and the brown sweater picks up on the muted color of the pants.
    I might prefer the pants a little shorter as I don’t do ankle boots and like to have some ankle showing, but since you’ve got boots on with them the length is good for you.

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