News for Women of a Certain Age

Good Morning,everyone!  I think most of you are most likely cold this morning so let’s cozy up to a fire, with our favorite hot beverage, and read some headlines in News for Women of a Certain Age which may be of interest to you.  Let’s begin with a warm story of Spring Colors and call this the Rest of the Story!

Most are talking about the Color of the Year for 2019….Living Coral.  But, the rest of the story from Pantone for Spring/Summer 2019 includes some beautiful colors that will be on trend.  See them all here at PANTONE’S SPRING and SUMMER COLORS FOR 2019.



Who doesn’t love a reinvention story?  I know I certainly do since my story is all about reinvention!  And here is an article containing 35 makeovers…some are pretty amazing!  Check out these BEFORE AND AFTER stories.

Another way to warm up is with an effective and lively workout.  Here are a couple of stories which caught my eye last week and may help some of you:

The best AB workouts

How to Use a Foam Roller for a more Effective Workout

I was interested to find out that I am a member of what is being called as a Silver Tsunami and to see what my alma mater, The University of Texas in Austin is doing about the upcoming hit!  Read about a new center on aging and longevity here.

Not only are we healthier than past generations of our age group, but we also plan to work longer.  See how many plan to work into their 70s and 80s. Then tell us below, do you believe working longer can help you live longer??  Here is the article on HOW LONG BABY BOOMERS PLAN TO WORK.

I found this on Instagram last week and wanted to share it with those of you who are not on Instagram…you can follow me there by clicking on the Instagram page at the bottom of this blog, and be sure to follow THE FINE LINE as well.  Thought this quote from Sophia Loren was a great way to end today’s post.  Please comment on any or all of these, then stay warm, and remember smiling can warm us up inside as well, so…………………………………………………………………………………………………..




  1. Great to some fresh colours especially on this blowy, snowy day! As much as I love the coral it doesn’t me so nice to see options like the pinks and blues.

  2. I love the makeover photos–I think it would be a great experience, but I worry about getting a “makeover” into a completely different person, vs. a better version of myself. For instance, I would be extremely self-conscious in the bright red lipstick most of the women were wearing in the “after” photos. And not a single one of those women have gray hair. I do not believe that the only way to look vibrant and alive is by coloring your hair and wearing a lot of makeup!

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