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Happy Saturday, everyone…hope you are staying warm!  It’s Would You Wear It Saturday with me and my friend, Jennifer Connolly.  We select mannequins we have discovered around our towns and then ask you to tell us if you would or would not wear what is on the mannequin.  Please, please explain your answers for the comments are very popular and read on this day!

First, look over the mannequin I discovered, and then go to A WELL STYLED LIFE and tell Jennifer what you think of her look.  I hope you will return to spend some time with my slideshow below…I make sure to shop around and find interesting pieces for you!  So, let’s begin.  Look over this outfit and tell us


I appreciated all of the sweet wonderful comments last week.  You guys are simply the best!



  1. I think this is a pretty outfit, especially the top. I like the overall color. I like the lacy top, very nice & feminine. I would prefer a solid-color skirt, as flower patterns aren’t usually my choice. But this flower pattern is not too much “in your face”, so I could wear it.

  2. The neckline on the teal top is not flattering for me, but I like the color. As shown, I find it too matronly, but would try the top with jeans or black or winter white dress pants or a pencil skirt. I’m not liking the skirt it’s shown with. Due to the neckline being so high, I’d pass on it. The black dress is super cute and I’d wear that for certain. I have one similar to that without the bell sleeves and I love it.

      1. When looking through the slide show, they show the teal top tucked into the skirt. This looks completely different and I like the whole outfit styled that way. I think the line created by leaving the top untucked with that particular skirt makes it a frowsy look. I understand not everyone is a fan of tucking, but it really does make a difference in this outfit. Is the other dress navy? Still like it best!

  3. I like the teal color, but that is all. The outfit, as a whole, looks dowdy. The neckline is not my best, and I’m not sure the boxy cut would do me any favors either.

  4. I would wear this top if the sleeves were straight not bell. I like the color of the skirt but not the fullness. I don’t think these pieces go together at all.

  5. dont care for the lace top with that flowered skirt, and many of those lace tops tend to be too boxy, for me at least
    I think that they are really not intended to be worn together IRL . The dress is nice

  6. I think there is way too much going on in the outfit. Either piece would work on it’s own, maybe the top with black pants or the skirt with a fitted top. It seems to give a bell shape, and that is not very flattering on me. I love the color of each of these.

    1. I agree with you Michelle – each piece on its own would be fine! The color and textures are nice, just not together.

  7. I love the colors, but not the lace top. Lace does not look good on me, something about it being very busy. I’d wear the skirt with a fitted black top. However, I would first reach for the navy dress next to the featured outfit. I love dresses, one stop dressing!

  8. I’m surprised by the number of negative responses. I probably wouldn’t buy it because it’s such a memorable outfit— unless I needed something I planned to wear only once as an outfit. I think the fit would be crucial, the skirt needs to skim the hips and then flare out ending at the right spot on the knee, showing the leg to best advantage . It’s dramatic, attention getting in a good way. I think a tall slim person could carry it to best advantage.

  9. I love the top! Sleeves, color, and did I mention sleeves? I would style with a solid bottom. To me,the top and skirt are competing textures.

    1. I understand your remark, sleeves. For myself, I prefer sleeves to the elbow. I am sixth six and don’t like showing more than I have to show. The outfit reminds me of a top K bought for spring. It is black puffed sleeves,elbow length. I have a black satin flared midi skirt, a black print wrap skirt,and lots of other items to wear like white jeans. Yep,I try to do capsule wardrobe modules to be sure I actually wear what I buy. I would wear that but it would not be my first choice now.

  10. I think that is such a pretty outfit. I would wear it for dressier occasions. I have a wedding in March that it would be perfect for. I love the color and the combination of the lace and floral. And both pieces would work with other things.

  11. The color would be great on me but that’s about it. I don’t wear lace and the neckline shape is wrong for me. I seldom wear pattern so wouldn’t choose the skirt either. Happy Saturday!

  12. I think the lace top with a patterned skirt is too busy. I would wear the top with a pencil skirt or a nice pair of straight leg dress pants. I would not wear the skirt at all.

  13. I’d wear the pieces separately, with other pieces. The skirt needs a black top. This look is too busy, and the shades of blue don’t harmonize with each other. I never wear two standout pieces together. I guess the thought ptocess was putting a bunch of flower patterns together? And I think lace has been overdone lately.

  14. I am in the ‘this look would not be flattering on me’ camp. I like the colors & the fabric of both pieces; however, the square neckline on the top is not best for me. I typically do not wear large prints anymore except in a scarf; but I’d have loved this skirt about 20 years ago.

  15. Gah….the lace top looks like a tablecloth and I can’t imagine that it would look any better than just “OK” on anyone. The skirt style is interesting but that print, no and together they are just a hot mess!

  16. Nope. I don’t like lace with printed pieces. It reads to me as two clashing prints. The skirt alone is nice, but that lace top looks like it might be uncomfortable, scratchy.

  17. Not a fan of this outfit. Either piece is okay and would look better with other pieces I think. The lace top and floral skirt seem like two different distinct patterns and the two colors don’t seem to go together very well either.

  18. I love the skirt and would wear it. The lace top is lovely, but not my style. Overall the outfit seems unbalanced.

  19. I love the colour, but…
    1. I don’t like lace. (The top would look nice with jeans and funky footwear.)
    2. The fabric and print in the skirt are nice but it would have to be a pencil shape for my body shape.
    Sorry, a no all around for me.

  20. I am in the minority. I like the outfit for a special occasion. I like the color & the sleeves on the top & also like the lace. I usually don’t wear skirts any more, but I would at least try this one. I would wear it with sheer black stockings & heels (a two inch heel is my limit these days). I know that I am in the minority when it comes to not going bare legged, but I just don’t like that look for myself except in very hot weather.

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