A Word About Floral Prints for Spring 2019

Spring floral prints…that is our discussion for today.  But, first let me apologize for dropping off the grid for a couple of days…this has been a busy week.  How was your Valentine’s Day?  It is one of those bittersweet says that even as we age can bring on jealousies and feelings of inadequacy.  My husband blessed me with beautiful flowers, perfumes, a card, and a wonderful dinner…but during the day I still felt some pains of jealousy as I watched some co-workers gift other co-workers with candy and flowers.  It is almost a year since I began my new job, but as the older one on the floor, I have not developed the co-worker friendships that others have.  Starting a new job at age 65 is another topic for another day. It did bring back memories of hurtful Valentine’s Days from the past which probably all of us have experienced. Yet, I am blessed to have my family and know I am loved.  I truly do hope someone blessed you with attention yesterday.

Now, back to floral prints.  I have never really been a huge fan of floral prints.  It is one of those fashion trends I have tried several ways to befriend, but for some reason most florals make me feel older and not younger.  I do not know why that is. I will wear a floral print like this lovely one in my new topper from Soft Surroundings.  The muted gentle presentation of the flowers in colors I love  just helps me to be drawn to this cardigan.  I truly do love these shades and the flowers are not over powering.  As the weather warms, I will probably switch to wearing it with a sleeveless tank.  Some office buildings here are overboard with air conditioning, and a knit cardigan can go well into summer in Texas for that reason.  Soft Surroundings has some of the prettiest floral,s so far…I selected several of them below in the slide show.. Beautiful, elegant, feminine designs.

How about you?  Do you like floral prints?  Do you only like them in certain colors?  For those who like them, the flowers are about to grow all over retailer racks, so get ready for a garden this spring.  Bloom Where You Are Planted and……………………………………………………………………



Now, tomorrow is another addition of WOULD YOU WEAR IT, so please plan to join Jennifer and me for some fun!

Of course, the slide show begins with the garment I am wearing……



Disclaimer:  I was provided product for this post, but the words are my own.


  1. I’ve always enjoyed prints when done correctly. A good print can be camouflage areas you want to hide in a way the solid can’t but you really have to pay attention to the size of the print and level of contrast for it to work correctly. I really like your muted topper.

  2. Hi Pam!
    I think you look lovely in this cardigan. I’m a sucker for florals, and Soft Surrounding does have some beautiful items.
    I’m sorry you were passed over at work. If I was your coworker I would have given you a Valentine gift!??

  3. Your Valentine’s Day sounds lovely, and I too remember the ones growing up when it was only okay when I had a boyfriend!! Glad those days are behind me! I do like florals, but am extremely choosy due to the frump factor. You have to be so careful with them. This is where the mirror is you best friend! Some brands do them much better than others. I am wearing a black and white floral top as we speak, but the floral print is so muted it appears abstract. You have to really look to see that it’s a floral. From Talbots. They, like Soft Surroundings, tend to understand the way to use florals. I do like your cardigan and the others in the sideshow. That cute yellow top caught my eye immediately. Interesting about your workplace. I often felt left out, being older, where I worked, but found that the older I got the less I cared. I’ve been noticing that more lately. Things that bothered me when I was younger don’t bother me any longer. This has been a welcome change!

  4. I just can’t feel confident in floral prints. I did buy a floral top several years ago, enjoyed it briefly but ultimately retired it because it felt old in me. Even thought the style was quite modern.

  5. You know… it was just a brief moment of feeling left out and then I quickly returned to reality. I am good and I am loved!

  6. For the most part, I have moved past many things. I think so many of my friendships have come from work in the past that it is foreign to me to work with people who don’t reach out to share experiences together. I realize I am in a different stage of life than they are so there are times I feel isolated. But all is good…thanks Karen.

  7. Like you, Pam, I always feel that florals are ageing. My eye likes them on the hanger and the mannequin, but once I try them on…well, no thank you. I broke a rule last fall when I bought a pair of floral print pants. I absolutely love love the print. But after wearing them a couple of times feel that the print is better suited to an upholstered cozy armchair.

  8. I have several printed pants but none are florals so I am glad you told us and then I won’t be tempted! Thanks Carol!

  9. I have never been a fan of large floral prints. I have purchased some smaller prints that I have liked & worn. A time or two, I have taken the plunge & purchased a large print item & suffered buyer’s remorse shortly there after. Recently, I saw some spring handbags in a lovely floral print that are tempting me, but I have decided to wait a bit to see if they still appeal to me in a few weeks. I might just be suffering from winter doldrums & wanting something fresh & new.

  10. I think we are all ready for spring! It is easy when we desire a change to be tempted . I think I will do a few transition posts to keep us focused. Thanks for the idea, Becky!

  11. I mostly save florals for scarves. A little goes a long way.
    While I like my co-workers they aren’t my beloved ones so I”m find not exchanging Valentine’s greetings with them.

    One manager came around with some gummy hearts and I stood there chatting with her for 20 minutes until I could get loose and toss them. The other manager came by with chocolates, at least they were wrapped and I could put them in my drawer for later.
    Candy is not what my teeth need!

  12. Not a fan of Valentine’s Day! Having lost my spouse almost three years ago, it’s a painful reminder, as are many special days, of what I’m lost. Why must we have one day for a spouse or special friend to say they care? Or must a spouse or special friend feel pressured to come through on this occasion?
    Do something creative for your special person numerous times a year. It can be handmade or prepared at home ANY day.
    It’s especially offensive in the workplace, as you’ve experienced. My last few years of work were in an environment where I was definitely the oldest person in the office. I felt invisible and was rarely included in festivities unless I planned them. Not a good feeling. Thankfully I no longer have to deal with that…it’s like graduating from the sandbox or kindergarten playground.

  13. I am so sorry you experienced all this pain. It must be very hard when you have lost a spouse. I am glad to hear that you are enjoying life now. Keep Smiling!

  14. I agree florals are hard to pull off without a ‘granny vibe’ but I still like botanical or nature prints. Mostly I stick to scarves or a simple top – your overpiece is brave and reminds me to step out of my box now and then. Thanks!

  15. I think this is a stunning floral print! No comparison to old- fashioned florals. You look great in it and I would wear it in a minute! I also like what you linked. I bought 3 floral items for spring at Chicos last week and think I look great in them. Bring colour and prints on!?

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