Would You Wear It with Pam and Jennifer

Happy Saturday, everyone!  It is time for Would You Wear It with me and Jennifer Connolly.  We scout out different mannequins in our cities and bring you one which has captured out attention.  We ask that you tell us if you would or would not wear it and why?  Your comments will help others, so be purposeful in evaluating why or why not you would wear the outfit.  It is not about the retailer, or the designer, or the costs…just tell us about the outfit and you.

After you comment on my outfit, then head over to Jennifer’s A Well Styled Life and comment on hers.  I hope you will take time for the slide show below and some of the spring trends beginning to show by our favorite brands.  So, ladies, look above, and tell us……………………………………………………………………………


This is always a fun day with lots of interaction, so stay warm and as always………………………………………………………………………………………………………….



  1. Yes! I love the polka dots, black and white are ok with me.
    My only reservation is the slacks look to be maybe ankle length or shorter? I’m tall, so unless they came in longs, I’d need a different pair. I have problems with ankle length showing too much of my ankles, hitting my leg in a strange place. Same with capris hitting the thickest part of my calf.
    I’ve been seeing polka dots for spring, and I’m on board!

  2. Super cute! Loving the polka dots! Actually I would not change a thing here, from the column of black blouse and Capri pants. The silver cross body bag with the tassels is cute beyond words! Versatile accessory. I like the basic shoes too. I’d wear this outfit in a minute, adding a pop of color with this year’s color of happy coral in a chunky bib necklace, complementary earrings, and an armful of silver bangles! Add coral lipstick, and I’m off???

  3. I like it and yes I would wear it.
    That’s not to say that I would buy it as an outfit.
    I think that it is a wonderful example of “ Dressing from your closet”, by putting together an outfit from basics that you already own.

  4. I like this outfit a lot, but would want it in a different color, maybe blue or tan. Black is a little harsh for my skin tone.
    The polka dots are cute. The overall outfit is simple, looks pulled together & is not fussy, which I like.

  5. Looks like an easy Spring time outfit. I’d push the sleeves up and pair it with a printed or floral layer, in a bright color, underneath. Lots of different ways you could do this.

    I also like the black/white checked jacket in the background, and the gal you caught halfway into the photo has done a good job of catching the color elements.

  6. Sure would! This is really cute. I’d prefer ankle pants to crops, but definitely yes. I’m so glad polka dots are trending, not that it ever stopped me from wearing them when they weren’t. I see polka dots as classic, seems that they have always been in style. I like them as much as I do stripes! I also like the ivory top off to the right, behind the featured outfit. Love the style of that! Can you say where this is?

  7. I like this outfit and would wear the shirt, pants and crossbody (with tassel removed). I would like the sweater more if the polka dots were smaller and more subtle. I agree with Cindy, navy would be better than black for this.

  8. Thank you Mary….so far for spring I have seen polka dots in all kinds of colors including navy!

  9. I like this outfit, but not crazy about the little collar. I understand it adds some solid interest o the busy polka dots, but for me, I would avoid the collar….just a personal preference.
    I like the ankle/shorter pant and the polka dots, though would really love it if the sweater were v neck., no collar. Too buttoned up for me!

  10. Love the look. Polished. Lighter color on top nicely balances the hips. Makes for an outfit we might be able to shop our closet to create. I agree with you, Amie, about the pant length especially when we’re tall. I’m thinking these are supposed to be a more refined crop pant, but they would look better just a bit longer? Maybe if you are petite they would be the right length. Casual Capri pants hitting at the thick part of the calf do not flatter the leg or the person wearing them. I guess we wear them because they cover our knees and are a good summer substitute for shorts on our mature bodies but they have become a matronly cliche.

  11. This is one of the best outfits I’ve seen since I started following these blogs! I would, however, prefer the polka dot top be a tunic length to hide my belly and the pants be straight leg or boot cut over my ankles! LOL

  12. Cute outfit! I would try it if the top were in different color. This style of pant would not work for me – I like a longer pant,

  13. I like the outfit but would do a little color exchange. Can’t wear white on top so would reverse the color to navy or cobalt blue w/white dots. Also like the cropped? pants but would change to navy or cobalt to give a longer look for my shorter frame. And further, no extra top under the sweater ~ too warm for me in So Tx! Thanks Pam.

  14. Yes I would wear it. It’s great to wear running errands or to lunch. It’s a very put together look. Simple but sophisticated.
    I wish the stores would leave off the purses. It ruins the overall look.

  15. I like this outfit. Good mix of black and white contrast with polka dots for interest. The shapes of each piece are flattering. I wouldn’t buy it because I’m not a huge fan of polka dots and I have lots of black and white.

  16. I just ordered a polka dot shirt from Boden, so am definitely on board with the look! Ankle length pants are always best in hot summer so yes to those. I would wear the sweater minus shirt underneath for bit more casual look; and add a short necklace.

  17. Yes, if the sweater were a v-neck it would be a perfect preppy look for my body silhouette. (If i were preppy) The pants look a bit cropped which would make them full length on me. I love polka dots so would trt to make it work with necklaces or a scarf to elongate the look of the neckline. I would also add a long black cardigan change the proportions,

  18. Classic…a Little throwback to my college days but wears well…

    However, I prefer the pants the full length

  19. Now this is a look I could/would wear! I love the polka dots and classic black and white combo. I would need to make sure the length of the pants was flattering, and make sure I had the right shoes.

  20. Yes. I would most definitely wear this. Love the polka dots paired with a tailored pant. Very classic, very Audrey Hepburn. Great outfit for the museum or art galerie or out to lunch with a good friend. Thanks. I will be looking for equivalents in Canadian stores!

  21. Yes, looks like pieces you could wear with multiple items and I always look for that. Love the scale (I’m short) and it’s easy to add a scarf or necklace to add color! I hear dots are trendy, never out of style in my book!

  22. Actually I would wear this. The sweater would be perfect with a v-neck but the whole outfit is charming. Love the bag.

  23. Absolutely, this my style! I love everything even the shoe and bag. This would super cute with red slacks, jewelry and flats.

  24. Thanks Pauline! We don’t look for amazing when we post mannequins…we are looking for interesting and wondering if our audiences would wear what we find. So some weeks you get amazing and some weeks you get, “what were the merchandisers thinking?” Thanks so much for joining in…we try to mix it up to keep things fun and interesting!

  25. Inspiration! Time to retrieve a years-old navy blue sweater set with white dots from the recesses of my closet. I can see the cardigan open over a white tee and jeans. Can’t wait for spring!

  26. I absolutely would wear this…I’m a big fan of black and white and polka dots are a favorite of mine

  27. I like the outfit but find it a tad boring. I’d wear a colorful shirt under the sweater-sleeveless so it didn’t interfere much with the sweater fit. Maybe pop the collar. I’d also keep the grey shoes but do the bag in a color-it’s almost too matchy matchy for me. And I’d do ankle pants-those shown would hit me at the biggest part of my leg, which looks dowdy to me.
    The best part is I have most of this already so wouldn’t need much other than a cute bag!

  28. This is cute! I would definitely try it on. The sweater looks to be a winter white which would work with my colouring. I haven’t really been a fan of polka dots in the past, but I’m ready to give something like this a try.

  29. This is very wearable. Being tallish, I’d need to wear black tights and black shoes to avoid horizontal lines near the ankle. I’d choose oxford-style lace-up shoes in patent leather, for sure!

    Cropped pants can tend to look like flood pants on taller women if the hem doesn’t fall in the right place. It’s important to try them on. I would stick to dark cropped pants due to my triangle shape.

    A few years ago, I would have dismissed ctop pants, but these tips work for me.

  30. This is a very cute look. Polka dots always look so fresh! I agree with many comments above about the length of the pants; I’d probably do an ankle length, which I have in my closet already. Plus someone else suggested ‘pop of color’ in the collar or even a floral underneath; I like both suggestions. Love the metallic crossbody bag. I find this weekly exercise very instructive even if I don’t post a comment every week. Thank you for doing it!

  31. Definitely yes! I love everything about this looks. I looks flattering yet simple and comfortable. I like the polished feel.

  32. I would wear this. I usually don’t care for polka dots, but the larger dots in black look fresh & fun. The pants would need to be at least ankle length as capris make my already short legs look even shorter. The outfit would fit with my lifestyle. It would be perfect Friday outfit for running errands & going out for a casual dinner.

  33. I like the overall look of the outfit. I would wear full length straight or bootcut pants. I am tall and wear a 34″ inseam, so ankle pants bring back not so fond memories of “high water” hems and unkind remarks in the days before anyone made pants in “talls”. I learned a neat trick from another blogger–wear a stretchy cami over your shirt and under the sweater to keep the shirt from bunching up and give a smooth line.

  34. This entire outfit is very cute. I love the collar peeking out from the polka dots. It looks very playful. I don’t think I’d carry that bag with it. The metallic is too busy for me and detracts from the whole of the outfit.

  35. Oh my goodness, what a great outfit!

    That polka-dot sweater is adorable!

    Wouldn’t change a thing!

  36. I would not wear the sweater. I have a little weight gain which makes my middle very full, so the white color would make me look larger. I would wear it in a black/white dot combo though. I like ankle/cropped pants since I live in Florida and they are cooler than full length pants.

  37. I guess I am in the minority here, but I never buy anything with polka dots. I guess I prefer low contrast, muted patterns/colors. The over-all look is way to preppy for me. I do like the nice trim silhouette though.

  38. Love the polka dots. Would wear the sweater without the blouse and the slacks. I do not wear Black!

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