Headline News: Chico’s Premieres the No Stain No Iron Shirt powered by Stain Shield™ technology

Chico’s is making headlines this week with bloggers testing their new No Stain No Iron Shirt powered by Stain Shield™ technology. We were sent a bottle of wine and asked to test it to see if it really works….and IT DOES!  I am a huge fan, because I am also a mess!  If I get near mustard, ketchup, coffee or wine, there are good chances a stain will happen. (My family teases me for this!)  So, I before I spilled the news here, I spilled the wine on the shirt, and it just beaded up.  I wiped it off with a clean, damp paper towel.

Pretty Amazing!

It’s a beautiful shirt and looks great with a Chico’s jacket and pants like I am wearing here…now I can go to work care free and confident.  I instantly thought how perfect this technology is for grandmothers…especially ones like me with five under the age of six.  So I tested it with the three active boys from my daughter’s family and it is excellent!  A grandmother’s necessary uniform!  No mud, no colored icing, no fruit punch, nothing is going to take this shirt down.  Aso, below, you can see the Chico’s no stain shirts, pants, and shorts.

The shirt comes in other designs and colors.  Also, do not miss the other headlines from Chico’s….NYDJ are now at Chico’s, and a new and Improved No Tummy Brigitte pants powered by So Slimming technology has been introduced.   Chico’s continues to meet our needs for stylish clothing that adapts to our active lives….without stains!  I am no longer a mess!  Hope my family pays attention!




Disclosure:  I was compensated for this post, but the words are my own.


  1. I am impressed with this outfit. The cut of the jacket is stunning on you. The portions and fit caught my eye. It gives you shape and height. The blouse technology is exciting. Cheers Pat

  2. The entire outfit looks fabulous on you! Love that they sent wine too! LOL Yep, I need this! So many nice white blouses have been relegated to “under a sweater” because of a stain…

  3. Great outfit, Pam! That jacket is perfect on you.

    This is great news — I’m always hesitant to wear white tops for fear of staining. I’m checking it out now!

  4. Game Changer! I love white tops and ALWAYYS spill on them, so this will be a “must have” for my wardrobe.

    The outfit looks great on you

  5. This is my first time to comment but this jacket is special – the fit and look of this fabric is wonderful on you. Looks fantastic!

  6. I agree with so many of the above comments: this jacket flatters you. Makes you look young, fit and fab. The length and fit of the jacket looks so much better than boxy and shapeless jackets. These Chico tops are amazing.

    1. I have worn this jacket several times on the blog…this is the biggest reaction I have received to it…so it must be styling it with the top that makes the difference! Thanks Esther…there are days I like the oversized…but most days, this type of look is my best.

  7. What darling sweet grandchildren you have Pam! I can’t wait to get this top! It looks great on you and it’s a perfect essential for any wardrobe! Thanks for sharing!

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