Redefining Fashion Trends and What It Means for You

Though definitely eccentric, Karl Lagerfeld was also known as a creative genius by the world of fashion.  The brilliant mind behind Chanel and Fendi passed away last week at a time I was working on a post about spring trends.  In fact, he died the day after I conducted an interview on this very topic.


One of Lagerfeld’s most famous quotes was



So there is a marked difference between dressing with trend inspiration and dressing trendy.  Just keep that in mind as we go forward. One of the lovely readers asked me to find out what was in and what was out for 2019. So I went to my local fashion inspiration, a woman I respect and who has vast fashion knowledge.  She is the local Public Relations Manager for Neiman Marcus…Xitlalt Herrera Salazar.  Her answer might surprise some of you.

Rather than giving me a list of what is in and what is not, Xitlalt explained a current meeting in New York City with Ken Downing of NM.  I think many of us assume it is the fashion industry that influences the bloggers (influencers), but in this meeting they discussed how Fashion Blogs were now influencing the designers and retailers.  They have ushered in a new AGE OF INDIVIDUALITY, where anything goes, and all trends are acceptable for all ages. The way Ken decided to communicate this for spring, was to not stress trends, but moods.  What mood are you in today and how will it influence your choice of clothing?  I recently wrote about how there are days I want to be a little closer to Carolina Herrera (classic style) and there are days I want to be closer to Iris Apfel (creative style).  So, I completely get the mood reference.

So, for 2019 find what is the best YOU.  What do you love to wear and who do your love as an icon?  In the AGE OF INDIVIDUALITY how do you discern what is best for you?  That is the very reason why I always think about what the outfit says about me…what is it communicating to others.  Sometime when I ask that question before I leave the house, I add an accessory because the look is too bland, but sometimes when I ask that question, I dial it back and take off an accessory.  It is all about what do I want to communicate to the world about me today.

So, know that distressed jeans, animal prints, menswear, flowers, bohemian designs, polka dots, stripes…and on and on…are always on trend.  What you do with them decides the best, current, in style YOU!  Of course, if you find something you love, it might be worth the investment to get a quality piece …since we are more into looking our best, than we are into being on trend.

  We are not going to see the word “trend” go away, but looking our best and enjoying our own individual style is always on trend.  When we wear it with confidence and a smile, then we are current, powerful, enjoying the day and influencing the fashion world around us.

I was glad to hear from Xitlalt that sneakers are going to be accepted literally everywhere now and that is because the ath-leisure collections have stuck around as well.  I am going to add my own individual spin on sneakers this year and make my feet very happy.

For those of you who love trends what do you think about this new idea of everything goes, just go with how it works best for you??

The AGE OF INDIVIDUALITY is here…what will you do with it??


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  1. My daughter and I saw Karl Lagerfeld holding court in Paris a few years ago (outside a bar near the top of the hill behind the Moulin Rouge, sorry but the name escapes me – must be an age thing!).

    He was clearly very popular, surrounded by many many women. But what I particularly remember is the absence of his traditional black, white and grey colour scheme. Instead, on a brilliantly sunny autumn afternoon, his white hair was emphasized by the mid blue jacket he wore atop his grey check pants and white shirt.

    Fond memories of someone who did so much for women’s style and fashion.

  2. This is a wonderful post, maybe my most liked. Being into fashion myself from a little girl, you have hit at least my feelings about clothes spot on and to give everyone permission that clothes should be worn to make you feel good about yourself. BRAVO!

  3. I have always had a sense of personal style, and have always felt my best in classics. Jackie Kennedy and Grace Kelly spoke and still speak to what I feel wonderful in. I have nodded to an occasional trend, but never bowed to them. I don’t care for throw-away fashion. These days I prefer well-made basics that can be enhanced with a scarf or piece of jewelry. I don’t consider my style boring, and yes, depending on mood, will change things up for fun. I love Karl Lagerfeld’s quote about trends. “Anything goes” is fine with me. I think the most important thing is to know who you are, what you feel great wearing, and not to try so hard to be someone else or buy something just to be “trendy.” When you feel comfortable and confident, that’s going to show and to me, is what makes someone attractive.

  4. Being retired, my outfit of the day definitely depends on the mood of the day & its events. I have keep some classic pieces from my professional life & have incorporated them into my more casual lifestyle by adding casual items to wear with them. I am happy to hear that sneakers are becoming more acceptable as my feet aren’t always happy in dressier shoes.

  5. I love the everything goes idea and the concept of dressing to suit our own mood. I have never been one to slavishly follow the trends, but over the past few years I have felt much greater freedom to simply dress the way I want to; the way that makes me happy.

    I also love that sneakers are acceptable everywhere now. I’m all for comfort and there are so many fun sneakers available.

    1. They were in the Neiman Marcos Spring Fashion show. I am trying to locate a link for you! Watch for another reply.

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