When I find a research study to be very significant for the readers, I just have to share it and THIS NEW STUDY from  the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute is one of those red flag moments. I watched my mother and mother-in-law lead sedentary lives from their 60s forward.  Both suffered with dementia and heart issues.  When asked What did you do today?,  they would often laugh and say, “I have been sitting in this chair all day and just could not get out of it.”


So, that is what I am here to do today…encourage all of you to move more and sit less.  It is never too late to begin and active life.  Begin by reading this ENITRE ARTICLE ON THE STUDY.  Then make a decision to move more beginning now.  If you need a reminder, invest in a FITBIT, in the slide show below. I am not being compensated for this post.  No hired me to do this.  I just believe so strongly that we all need to move more and I do not desire heart disease or dementia for any of us. Please share with all of us the ways you keep purposefully moving…let’s give some of those who need to move more ideas of what they can do.  That way we feel better, sleep better, stay health, and of course


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