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 Welcome to Would You Wear It with me and my friend, Jennifer Connolly!  Last week was certainly lively here., so I hope we can keep those comments coming.  Jennifer and I go around town (She in California and I am in Texas) and find mannequins that make us wonder what you would think.  After you comment on my look, then head over to A WELL STYLED LIFE and tell Jennifer what you think.  This is not a yes- or- no- answer- forum.  We ask that you explain why it would or would not work for you.  It helps others to read those comments.  So look above and tell us……………………………………………………………………………………..


And as always enjoy some of the fun finds, I have discovered to get us thinking of spring:



  1. I don’t especially like either of these outfits. The one in the front looks a bit like you threw on a bathrobe & ran out of the house.
    The outfit in the back is better. I do like the crisscross detail on the top. But black near the face is too severe for me, so I’d have to choose it in a different color, perhaps navy.

  2. Yes! I love the front outfit, the dress over the capris is a great look. I have worn similar. I’m tall and getting a little mature, so I appreciate the modesty the capris give me, most shorter dresses/skirts are more like a turnic on me. I’m almost 6’.
    I like the outfit in the back, the layed pieces look great together. The laced feature adds a nice detail at the neck.
    Only thing I would totally pass on these two are the shoes. No.
    I’d probably just wear black ballerina flats.
    Thanks Pam!

  3. I like both outfits with a few changes. The dress outfit is cute but the print is too big for me and the sleeves are too flowy. I like the knotted front. The 2nd outfit is ok but the lacing is a bit big for me. Not bad for Kohls!

  4. To be frank, my 1st impression was negative. The longer I look at this outfit (get-up to me), the less attractive it seems. The top (dress? Tunic?) is confusing to me…looks more and more like a nightgown or robe. And short leggings underneath? Yes, this particular outfit just puzzles me top to bottom. The short leggings I’d wear on my daily morning walk…and I like the necklace. The top though to me is a hot mess…unless I wear it in my bathroom or bedroom just out of the shower.??? (Just my opinion…don’t mean to offend)

  5. Both outfits are fun. Shoe choice is not! With leggings I feel that shoes should be casual. Cute slip- on sneakers, flats, booties or sandals would look so much better!

  6. Nothing about these two outfits appeals to me! The floral print is too large on the dress; plus the gathered & knotted area would not be flattering on me. The black top and pants are too dark for a spring look and my coloring. It’s all a “hot mess” as someone already said.

  7. I think the dress looks like a bathrobe. I don’t wear capris at all because I am short. I didn’t like this display at all. The only part I liked were the shoes

  8. I’m with my sister and we both said almost in unison, “No!” It’s the fabric more than anything. I find it dull in color and the floral is not my style at all. Just not a fan of either outfit. I’d like to see the dress in black, but would not be interested as it is shown here.

  9. I would wear both outfits, with the front needing a tweak. No to the floral and perhaps a bit less flowy on the dress. I thought the combo of dress over tunic was a fun and comfortable look that would work in a lot of situations. The layered outfit in the rear would serve well for work. Thanks, this is fun!

  10. Capris don’t flatter my short legs do I would skip them. The dress is pattered which I avoid. The laced too in back appears velvet? If so it’s no my style as I prefer velvet to drapey, The pants in back might work for me. So overall I’d say these mannequins aren’t wearing my style. Happy Saturday Pam

  11. I like the idea of the front – I like the print and the gathered front (so you don’t look like you are wearing a sack) but the proportion seems off – to me it seems it would be better if it were a few inches shorter. I think too a different shoe choice – like a fun summer sandal would be cute. I like the back outfit but with a platform sneaker or espadrille.

  12. I do not care for the dress at all. Reasons: The print is too large, fabric is not to my taste, the neck design is not becoming to my body style and I do not care for the dipped hemline in back. So the dress is a definite NO! I’m not sure I fully understand the composition of the other outfit. Is it layered? I do not like the large grommets in the top and the thick laces. I would not have given this display a second glance after the immediate turn-off.

  13. I love the lower half of the look though I would choose flats over heels. Unfortunately, I don’t care as much for the upper portion of the dress. The sleeves look a bit frumpy and the way the dress is gathered over the stomach looks odd.

  14. I would be overwhelmed as I am short, but I think a tall lady could look lovely in the front outfit. I hear so many people who are short like me 5’2” don’t wear capris. I’m too fat for shorts, so what should I do? I end up wearing capris when it gets hot! Please, can someone advise? I am 54 and don’t want to give up!

  15. Neither outfit would be something I’d be tempted to try on. Can’t decide it they look frumpy or too young? Is it the shoes? necklace? fabric? So…if someone else was wearing them I’d probably think they looked cute…but not for me

  16. I would say no to the dress over the capri leggings. The style is something that my teenage granddaughter might wear, although the print is not. I don’t care for the print of the dress, & the knot over the stomach would not be the least bit flattering. I also don’t wear capris because they are not flattering to my short legs. I can’t see enough of the outfit in the back to comment much on it. I don’t care for the shirt hanging below the jacket though.

  17. I like the concept of a dress or tunic over capris, but not this dress. I am just not a fan of all over floral prints of this size. I’m only 5 ft 4.
    The rear outfit is hard to make out, but maybe. I’m imagining the top is a black pullover on a sheer white tee? .(white bottom)?
    Black leggings/ pants always a part of my winter into spring wardrobe….
    If material is not heavy……

  18. No. The capri leggings under the dress ruin the look of it. I don’t like the print, either. The lacing on the black top is too wide. The shoes on both of them seem wrong somehow.

  19. I might try it on. I wouldn’t wear the dress with capri leggings, but I’m always looking for dresses that don’t wrinkle, and I like the dark color.
    I would have to see what I thought about the sleeves, if they’re too full then it would be a no as my requisite in-the-office sweater might not fit over them.

    I’d also look the pattern over closely. Are those butterflies or faces? Lord knows, these days if you’re wearing something that looks like a person someone will decide you’re a racist, so I’m looking patterns over carefully.

  20. I like (and have worn) the capris or leggings under a dress but the print is not something I would normally choose. I might need to try it on before making a decision. The outfit in back would be perfect for a casual weekend with the girls or husband pulled together but not fussy. The lacing updates it and I wouldn’t need to wear a necklace or scarf. I would not wear the heels- ballet flats would be more comfortable for me and my feet! Thanks Pam for showing something that makes me consider alternative outfits!

  21. I really like the outfit in the back. Something about the lacing in the front makes me feel it is a youthful look that can be worn at any age. I have a number of tops/sweaters that are the same length and I find that wearing a longer blouse in a soft fabric camouflages my old lady butt. I would probably wear flats because I’m at the age where I only wear heels when absolutely necessary. A little off topic but…. I love the way heels look and I was able to wear them eight hours a day when I was in my fifties. As soon as I hit sixty my feet started screaming from the toe box when I wear heels for more than a couple of hours, even if I go wide or spend a lot of money for good quality shoes.

  22. I would not wear the floral outfit. The large print and fabric volume would overwhelm my small frame and isn’t my style. Can’t really comment on the outfit in the back since I cannot see most of it.

  23. I like the floral dress and capris. Not sure if it would look good on me though as I am only 5’5”. I saw the the little faces in the flowers and thought they looked cute, kind of impish creatures hiding in the petals!

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