Spring Transitions: Look #2 with Animal Prints

Let’s do one more outfit for spring transition fashion ideas this week. My daughter was my photographer last weekend.  It is usually my husband, but he was off with my son-in-law and the grandsons.  Jess commented, “These two outfits are so different mom.  It is like two different people.”  I didn’t have a problem with that.  It makes life interesting and I have a post along this lines coming up very soon.

But, for today, my look is all about taking animal prints from winter to spring.  They never go out of style, but they do sometimes change shades season to season.  You can see in the picture below how I have a spring pair with lighter shades and a fall pair.  I typically wear the fall pair with black tops because I like the look.  But this lighter pair goes great with many different colors…like the blue I have paired them with today. Animal prints are already bold on their own, so why not be a little bolder and put them with color!

Of course, if you just like a taste of animal prints, then there are many accessories on the market for spring styles.  Someone commented here recently that they did not wear animal prints because growing up, she and others associated it with ladies of ill-repute.  I recommend we put old stigmas behind us and leave them in the past…just like some fabrics looking like grandma’s couch…let’s leave that one in the past as well.  This is a new day and age to have fun with fashion and look our stylish, confident best, so we can retire many of those old stigmas.  But, if you just can’t get past it…no worries… there are many other things to wear.

So, just add a little color to your leopard or cheetah and carry it from the cold breezes into the sunlight.  This is creative style meant for fun. Do you see yourself wearing animal prints in the warmer weather?  Do you avoid it because of old stigmas?  Please share…and as always…




Both of my pants were purchased at Chicos over the last two years.  The pants I am wearing are pictured at the beginning of the slideshow….



  1. This jacket is not available…From a past JJill collection. I wanted to show everyone how great color looks with leopard! Thanks Jennifer.

  2. Ditto the above comments about the blue jacket- it is gorgeous! A great-looking outfit, Pam.

  3. Love the blue with the animal print. – Pam, I totally agree with your comments regarding “old stigmas”! It’s silly to hang onto those ill preconceived notions. My husband is the worse! He says some things I wear look like the ’70s coming back…by the way, the man has no fashion sense! lol! (hmmmm, maybe that’s his way of trying to compliment me?! ha-ha)

  4. I’ve done it before but I am trying to let go of things like that now and if I like it, Wear It!!

  5. I love this look on you and I wearing it myself! I usually put an orange jacket with animal print pants but I love the blue your wearing! I’m going to try that next! Thank you!

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