Zing Into Spring: How to Transition Your Style for the Next Season


I received a request for ideas to transition us from winter to spring fashions…with a little zing, of course.  I know many are still dealing with cold, but sometimes discussing the new season ahead helps us to warm things up a bit. I believe one of the easiest ways to add a little zing to your early spring styles is to select a trend which is current for both seasons.  Like the plaid I am wearing.  Plaid was huge this past Fall/Winter Season and promises to remain big for the upcoming warm weather as well.


I updated my plaid by purchasing a lightweight jacket from Nordstrom Rack….one I can wear when it’s cold or warm.  I own two other plaid jackets and both are for the colder weather.  So, in order to take my jacket into spring, I have added a hot pink top, and some long pearls.  Accessories give me so many ways I can style the foundation pieces, and as we move closer to spring, the brighter the color underneath, the better.  Plaid works for professional or casual wear and helps to keep your wardrobe updated with a current on-trend style. Wednesday, March 20, is the first day of Spring, so it is right at one month away.  You can begin to add the brighter colors with your jackets and style your looks as if the birds are singing outside rather than looking like the cold winds are blowing.  It is a state of mind…right?  I know you will still remain warm.

I will be back on Thursday with another transition look.  Until then, what are some ways you will begin to transition your style as we near March 20?  Now, here was my best accessory for this photo shoot!  One of my precious grandchildren!  I think he will be a dentist!



  1. Love the plaid! I agree – it can be styled so many ways – especially the size plaid and color in the jacket you are wearing. I have often worn a nice “tee” or “tank” under a jacket during warm months – cool and stylish! The hot pink looks great on you – as well as that precious little accessory you are wearing in the last photo – Grands make everything better! 🙂

    1. Your grandson is adorable! Cherish these days…I know that I do! Sweet times.
      Love the look today…adding pearls, the brighter shirt is wonderful. Helps the outfit and the spirit( alas, we are still in snow). Cold!

    2. Plaid really captured me this year! I love it and always receive a compliment or two when I wear it! Thanks Shirley!

    1. They are such a joy! And kept me busy last weekend and will next weekend. I need to workout more! Thanks Jennifer!

  2. I just got a cardigan that same hot pink! It really does look like spring! Love it with the gray.
    Grandchildren are such a blessing! Love those cheeks!

  3. See how very flattering your draped pearls are? So many shy away from wearing a draped or looped look necklace when in reality it is one of the most flattering looks. You’re lucky your grandson didn’t try teething on them 🙂

    1. Gets us in the mood for spring flowers…doesn’t it Vicki! Hopefully we will see them soon…I know many have been in some bitter cold.

  4. Nothing like a pop of bright pink & a grandchild to chase away the gray of winter! Grandchildren always bring sunshine with them.

  5. I have to say those long-strand pearls really make your outfit perfect (aside from your grandson, of course).

    What a great accessory. The length is just the right touch. And the brightness of the pearls hints to our upcoming spring season!

    By the way, your hair looks amazing, Pam!!

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