Friday This & That

So happy it is Friday!  And I cannot begin a post about this and that, without telling you what a great week it has been with all of you who stop by here.  Some amazing conversations, comments, encouragement from you…thank you to each and every one of you for taking your time to read and stop by.  You ladies rock!

Now, Let’s start with food!  The ladies I work out with at the gym decided to have a brunch last Sunday at one of the homes.  Most of us live in the area near our gym, but the ones who do not were willing to come in for a get together.  It was so much fun to see everyone in makeup with hair done!  We get our all-natural selves at 5AM during the week.  Since it was potluck, and I knew frittata had been taken, I went searching for a healthy recipe.  This one called Berry Baked Oatmeal, was discovered on another blog Julie’s Eats & Treats– and it sounded really good.

And it was!  Easy to fix…everyone liked it… doesn’t eat up too many points on Weight Watchers…and I had enough to leave breakfast for me and the hostess during the week!  I recommend the recipe HERE.

While I was out and about last week, I saw these sneakers at Macy’s and loved them!!  I was in a big rush at the time, but hope to go back soon and try them on.  Remember: Sneakers are everywhere this year and look great with almost anything!

Now, don’t forget to enter the contest for the $200 value Soft Surroundings Bag of Beauty…some lucky reader will receive this and I cannot wait to find out who wins.  I also cannot wait to begin my new direction for posts on Instagram…working on it now and will launch on April 22.  ENTER HERE.


Below are some of the great sale items out there (Macys Sale is amazing, and for JJill items use code SPRING19 to get 30% off your entire purchase)….and I hope to see everyone tomorrow for Would You Wear It?  Enjoy your Friday and




  1. I love oatmeal so will have to try this! It would probably last me at least a week and recipes like that are great to have. The brunch sounds like fun, and a nice way to chat away from the gym!

  2. The oatmeal recipe sounds great, & who doesn’t need a leopard print sneaker! Have a great weekend!

  3. You know, I don’t think I’ve ever thanked you for the slide shows you post everyday. I look forward to them.

  4. Thank you, Kay!! That means a lot because I put so much time and thought into the selections! You just made my day!!

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