Win A Beauty Gift Bag from Soft Surroundings Worth $200

I am so excited to have Soft Surroundings sponsor a contest ith me to increase our readership on Instagram.  Now, hang with me ladies…for some of you the word Instagram made you want to bolt. Let me explain what I am going to do.  But, first, this amazing prize…

This bag contains a gorgeous silver metallic scarf which could also be used as a wrap. Then all of these products are top of the line incredible.  Soft Surroundings beauty department carries many of the top brands on the market.  The bag contains (among lots of items) eye cream, lip stain, beauty masks, bath bars, serums, fragrance…incredible products that I will be so happy to send to one of you!

All you need to do is

  1. Have an Instagram account (if you don’t have one because you do not want to place pictures there, just set up the account so you can follow others)  Lots of people do this.
  2. Follow me on Instagram :
  3. Follow Soft Surroundings on Instagam:
  4. Comment below that you have followed and leave in your comment your Instagram link so I can follow you back
  5. Then you are entered.  I will put all the entries in my favorite hat…get someone to draw a name…and announce the winner on April 19.
  6. If you already follow on Instagram, tell me your account in your comment so I can follow back. Once you tell me you follow both me and Soft Surroundings, then you are entered.

Now, why would you want to follow me on Instagram?  Beginning on April 22, I am going to begin a new way to share information on my Instagram.  Here is the plan:

Monday Motivation – These will be motivational posts.  Something to make you smile and keep you inspired.

Tuesday Tips – I will share a beauty, health or fashion tip 

Wednesday Wacky or Wonderful – This day will be much like Would You Wear It.  I will show you something…could be just about anything…and ask you if you think it is wacky or wonderful!!

Thursday Thoughts – may be quotes form me or others, but meant to inspire and provoke some thought and reflection

Friday Free Style – Style ideas as you go into the weekend

Saturday Funday – a post to keep it fun and with smiles

Sunday – REST DAY

I hope you will be joining me on the blog and on Instagram for new fun ideas.  I would not ask you to follow, or ask Soft Surroundings to sponsor without giving you great reason to do so.  These will not be the same posts you see on the blog.

Yesterday’s post was lively…I did not comment, because you guys were doing amazing bringing up new points for thought.  I will join in with those who disagree with the label to begin with.  I also want to encourage you to check out the new SAS Shoes…they have some great styles now and if you are ever in San Antonio with some time, go out to the plant where they are made and leave room for ice cream! I think in my mother’s world her Alfred Dunner was a company called Blair.  Lots of polyester!  There were some great comments within the conversation and give all of us some food for thought.

Thanks for joining in….and make sure to enter this contest…it is a fabulous prize.  Thanks Soft Surroundings!!  They certainly help us to





  1. Yay! I’m @sushiladi on IG. A funny, but fitting name, because I’m a Sushi Chef! My post-op retirement fun gig, LOL

  2. Hi Pam, what a lovely giveaway. I follow you and Softsurroundings. Have a great Week! My Instagram is Mrs assPrice.

  3. *post-retirement not post-op! And yes, following both you and Soft Surroundings on IG. Thanks for the opportunity!

  4. Greetings! I followed you and Soft Surroundings on Instagram. I’m @southmainmuse. The SS new catalog came in the mail yesterday. Always so many great things in there.

  5. Hi, I already follow you on Instagram and I just started following Soft Surroundings. My Instagram account is sunny_acres_farm. It’s set to private. Do I need to change that?

  6. I follow both you and Soft Surroundings already! I am @skyesthelimit53 on IG.

    What a fun contest! They have such quality products!

  7. Following you and soft surroundings on Instagram. Great looking gift bag! I am barbara_lembo in Instagram. Think I may need to improve on that handle though. ?

  8. Hi Pam,
    Longtime reader but new commenter. I follow you on instagram and now follow Soft Surroundings, love their items! My Instagram name is dale duckworth.

  9. I am following both you and Soft Surroundings! I am @kwiatmar on Instagram. Thank you for this terrific giveaway.

  10. Hi Pam! I’ve enjoyed reading your blog for several years. What an inspiration you are! I’ve been getting the Soft Surroundings catalog for years, but only just made my first purchase from one of their stores. Love the help I got and the fabulous items I bought! My instagram is sbartlett102. What a great giveaway!

  11. Thanks for the chance to win this gorgeous prize!
    My Instagram account is under grandmafarns. I have never posted anything, just follow my nieces and a few bloggers . I’m really looking forward to seeing your daily yips snd jnspirations

  12. Hi Pamela- I am the old fashioned gal who doesn’t have FB or Instagram. I guess I will have to continue following you in my inbox each day.
    Your words inspire me! Thank you.

  13. I’m now following you and Soft Surroundings. My ID is nancyvanderburg
    Not very original or creative.

  14. Pam- I already look forward to seeing your Instagram everyday and am now following Soft Surroundings too.
    Your upcoming daily topics on Instagram sound great with a lot of potential for depth, insights, practical advice and fun! You’ve come a long way, girl!!

  15. I would absolutely love to win this! I follow both you and Soft Surroundings on Instagram. My user name is gsgordon1964. Thank you!

  16. Following you both on Instagram. Thank you for the entry! I am childersx5 on Instagram..❤

  17. Hi Pam-what a great giveaway! I follow you and Soft Surroundings on Instagram . I’ve always wanted to try some of the beauty products shown! My Instagram is @juleschaal.

  18. Hello Pam, I just started(yesterday) doing my own blog and I am VERY new to all this social media. I found your blog while looking up “blogs for real women”. It is amazing! I love the content.
    However, I am 43 and I hope I am still welcome.
    I started following you and soft surroundings:)

  19. Following you and soft surroundings on Instagram. My Instagram account is 104mlh.
    looking forward to your future posts

  20. Hi Pam, Love your posts! I discovered Soft Surroundings about a year ago. Thanks for your blog, and for such a lovely giveaway.

  21. I’m in! I am lezlie.davis76 on instagram.

    I love your interview with your sister-in-law … what an awesome story!

  22. Yes I’m @Aliciao6 I have followed both you and the sponsee (soft_surroundings). I’m really looking forward to your new format.

  23. I am following you and soft surroundings on Instagram . I am belles53 on Instagram. Looking forward to your new postings there.

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