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Happy Saturday, everyone!  Welcome to Would You Wear It with me and my blogging friend, Jennifer!  We find mannequins around our areas which make us wonder if you would wear the look.  All you have to do, is explain why or why not the style would work or not work for you personally.  Take us through your process when selecting a garment to try on…what makes it a hit or miss for you?

After you comment on my look, head over to A Well Styled Life and weigh in on that outfit.  And, I always hope you will spend time with my slide show below…so many great looks on the market today.  So, what about this striped dress…………………………………


Let us know, and as always……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….


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  1. I would not wear this. I think it might suit someone who is tall, but I personally border on petite and the stripes would be overwhelming. The style is nice for casual wear, but I’m not a fan of self-belts. This would be a good dress for lunch out or for shopping, museums, that sort of thing. The model in the slideshow appears to be wide from the waist down, which I’m sure she is not. This is probably due to the self-belt and the cut of the dress. This would emphasize a tummy if you had one. I’d try it on if it came in a thinner stripe or a solid, or in another print. The shade of red in the stripe is beautiful.

    1. I really like both looks on today’s page! Naturally, at only 5 4 I’d have to try these outfits on, to be sure that they are becoming, but on first glance I like the stripes and the polka dots too…..

    2. I do like the style but not for my pear shape since I think it would empasize my hips. The colour looks very brown on my screen which is too warm a shade for me. I am a fan of stripes but the width may be overwhelming for my shape and height.

        1. I would have worn the stripes at age 23 and gorgeous…now, not so much. But thank you for bringing us such interesting bold fashion!

    3. I would! It’s slimming and fresh while being classic. I might substitute a different belt but that’s all.

  2. This one is a big no for me. I don’t care for the neckline band of color and the self belt I never like period. The stripe is a little to wide also. Now that little Polk a dot number is on my radar!

  3. I really like the bold stripes on this dress. It makes quite a statement. I would definitely try it on to see how it looked on me. It looks lovely on the model but of course she is tall and I’m not!

      1. I would wear this! Since I am highwaisted, I would not wear a belt at my waist but lower on my hip. So happy to see this color back! As a green eyed, blonde, I love earth tones! Blouses up a bit, the dress could be worn over leggings or skinny jeans.

  4. The dress is cute but not for me. I like the colors and the style but the stripes are too wide for me. It looks nice on the model. The polka dot top would be cute with a jean jacket and black slacks. The pants are a NO with all the buttons. I wouldn’t wear that style especially where the top and the pants don’t meet at the waist.

  5. This is a no for me. The color is definitely not me and I don’t care for shirt dresses. Maybe if it had a different belt but I find it uninspiring.

  6. I would not wear this bc the stripe is too bold and I often have trouble getting button up tops to fit. I would also need a more structured belt. I do like the sleeves.

  7. Hmmmm…I do like the dress style and the bold vertical stripes, but one problem of being around for awhile is that styles can look “old fashion “. This must be a case of what’s old is new again. What goes around comes around. – I do like the dress very much, but it would not flatter my hips at all. To fit my hips, I’d have to have it too slouchy above the waist…not a good look.

  8. No. I don’t like shirttail hems.
    I like that line of clothing but it runs a little dressier than my casual wear standard.

  9. I do see a bit of a retro look to this, but in a nice way. I like it a lot, and appreciate that it has sleeves. I have an apple shape and am often in plus size, so don’t think the belt would work. I wonder if the dress would hang correctly without one. Gorgeous colors. I too am glad to see the tans and near-neutrals combined with white this season. I bought a pair of slides by Sam Edelman at Macy’s the other day that had one side tan, and the other metallic gold, twisted in the middle, and I think they will be my springboard to styling and adding to my wardrobe this summer.

  10. I like it but wouldn’t wear it… I can’t wear anything with a belt anymore.. emphasizes my “tummy issues”

  11. It’s actually cute, but those stripes with a belt aren’t for the busty. It puts me in mind of the phrase my mother was too fond of using–“looks like a potato sack tied in the middle.”

  12. I would not try on because of the shirt tale hem, self belt and wide stripe. I do like the brown pants on thevright, however. I would wear those with white or a print.

      1. I only wear stripes when the darker color is dominant – which is slimming – not so the other wsy around. Try it with a side by side photo and you’ll see.

  13. I would wear it but would try it without that belt. If it needs a belt I would find a different one. I’ve always thought a fabric belt like this one cheapens an outfit. I do like the color too.

  14. This is a no for me. I don’t like the wide stripes or the curved hem. The length & color would not flatter me.

  15. Oh my goodness — I just love this color and pattern mix. This shade of brown and ivory is truly wonderful.

    I’m sorry to say that neither outfit would work for me. If the stripes on the dress were thinner it might be okay, but they are too wide for my short frame. I love the polka dot top with the pants, but I’d like to see a different type blouse.

    I really love both of the outfits, but they wouldn’t work for me!

  16. I like both outfits but not for me. The dress is the wrong color for me, love the stripes.
    The other outfits top is too cropped for me. I see the crop styled with hi rise pants but what happens when you move or lift your arms!! Ha!
    I look forward to discover what you will feature each week.

  17. Love, Love Love this dress, This style suits me to a T. There seems to be a good space between the buttons and the button holes (so important) The colour is wonderful and would look great with straw bag and nice open toe wedge sandals.

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