One of the Key Ingredients to Success with My New Eating Plan

I have learned that one of the key ingredients to my healthy eating plan is eating as clean and fresh as possible.  This is why Sundays have become COOKING DAYS!  If I will stay true to cook healthy meals to take for lunch and have available for dinner during the week, then I have a much great chance of losing weight that week and avoiding processed foods.

Also, if I cook, then I will eat foods that on Weight Watchers are ZERO…yes, the big 0…and I can eat more and not be hungry later.  These are veggies I tossed in Olive Oil, garlic salt, pepper, and some onion and roasted in the oven for about 30 minutes.  I have mixed in the large pan…broccoli, summer squash, zucchini, acorn squash and onion.  Of course, I also roasted some baby carrots…so good and I bag them for a mid-morning snack…zero points!

On Sunday, I cook mass quantities of chicken seasoned in different ways.  I portioned out these for my lunches and put about four in the freezer in cast next weekend is really busy.  My favorite seasoning is Mrs. Dash Garlic and Herb with light garlic salt and fat free Italian Dressing.  Then I bake these skinless Chicken Breasts for about 25 minutes.  The others are seasoned with barbecue spices.

Also, on Sundays, I freeze bananas for the week.  My morning smoothie, after the gym, is a scoop of Juice Plus Complete French Vanilla Protein Powder, a cup of cold water, a banana and a few blueberries and three ice cubes.

As I said, Sundays have become critical cooking time for my new eating plan.  I do occasionally grab a Smart Ones frozen meal, but I lose more weight when I eat fresh and clean.

Anyone else have meal prep suggestions or ideas?  I have a few things in the slideshow below that I am enjoying on my eating plan.  Of course, everything is checked through my WW app and I love that I can scan the barcodes to check out the points.

Please share your ideas………and



  1. Hi Pam, you are certainly vigilant about your eating plan! I could eat roasted vegetables every day and do have them often through the week. I have never done well with specific plans. Wish that was not the case, but there it is. The only thing that works for me, and does work, is portion control. I focus on healthy eating, limit processed foods to almost none, and rarely have red meat, or any meat for that matter. I do fix things ahead like you do, but not as often as I did when I was working every day. Definitely will do this if I’m going to have a busy week. I eat a lot of main dish salads. I love the process of food prep and have fun coming up with different ways to use healthy ingredients. I typically will fail if I get bored with food. I have been doing intermittent fasting and that has helped too. You have a good idea of using different seasonings on the chicken to change flavors. I’m going to roast carrots for dinner later, your picture made me hungry for them!!

  2. Yes!!! My only suggestion for you is: Explore blending your own spices in lieu of Mrs. Dash and mix up different vinaigrettes for seasonings and dressings =no sneaky “chemicals” found in bottled/packaged goods. Plus: Bragg’s vinegar/fresh lemons/tahini/fresh garlic and ginger are soooo yummy!

    I’m a chef that falls off the Keto diet too easily. I used to be a Macrobiotics cook until I married an Italian meat eater. So, balance is always a humorous struggle in my house…

  3. Great ideas, Pam. We do this too. We prepare enough salad in the spinner to last all week, then we add veggies, garbanzo beans and a hard boiled egg, and those are our lunches. Because we are vegetarians, dinner is simple, often a vegetable/bean soup or chili made on Sunday and already portioned into bowls, a sandwich on whole grain bread with a side salad or slaw, or rice, beans, corn and a bit of guacamole. For me, having food not just prepared but actually portioned out makes a big difference, as coming home and transitioning off the stress of work was an overheating trigger for me. You can roast many veggies … spread them out in a single layer so they brown. My favorites are golden beets, onions, and Brussels sprouts with olive oil and rosemary … spritz with lemon juice before serving. When you want a treat (Friday night at our house) get a cauliflower crust pizza from the frozen section at Costco – they are amazing. Also, I would recommend the you tube channel Downshiftology, where she does healthy meal planning for the week (not vegetarian, but useful for all). I’m 40 lbs down from my high last June. After your post, I remembered my own tub of clothes in the attic. Most of it fit, and because I buy classic clothes, they were still in style. Win!

    1. So excited you remembered the clothes in the attic… how much fun was that? Thanks for more ideas Linda!

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