Today, I would like to discuss the wardrobes of those who experience weight ups and downs…like me.  When I began my makeover at age 50, I was about five sizes larger than I am today.  I knew the weight needed to come off and that I was beginning at a time when metabolism goes down, down, down.  I also knew to change my perspective and discover joy again, I needed to accept my body where it was and dress it for confidence.

The last 15 years have been a series of ups and downs.  It is important for my health…blood pressure, heart, etc…that I continue the downward slope!  Stress and injuries made it a challenge.  I had great success with one popular national diet that was done with processed foods, but my inflammation went up and I quickly gained the weight back.  It has only been since January that I feel as though I truly have a lifestyle change for my eating.  I just do not desire some of the “bad” foods I previously loved, and I am enjoying learning how to eat in such a way as to lose weight.  At the moment, it is the Weight Watchers App which is training me for healthy eating in such a way that I do not feel deprived.   I do not really tell anyone I am on a diet…I am changing a lifestyle.

One of the “Rules” we hear often is to not save the clothing we wore when we were smaller sizes.  Experts (whoever they are) advise to rid your closet of any clothes that do not fit, because it is depressing and demoralizing.  I did take many of them off the hangars, but the pieces I truly love…like this red jacket…I have kept in a box.  Knowing those great pieces of clothing are there does motivate me and not depress me.  I plan to shop this box first before I look for more form fitting clothing now that the weight is dropping.  A huge victory for me right now has been lower blood pressure…and wearing clothes I have missed.

Since I started the blog in 2010, there have been many weight ups and downs, but I continued to dress the body I have in flattering and fun ways…if I had not been able to have that confidence in me at different weight levels, I would have quit doing this.  I completely understand the struggles many of you go through with weight, but I do want to encourage you to persevere.  With hopeful determination, you can discover your healthy eating plan…and do not negate the importance of exercise along with it.  MOVE…no matter your size…MOVE.

I have stopped looking at charts which show me the perfect weight to be for my age and height…that is more depressing to me than having smaller clothes in the closet.  I only weigh once a week….more than that can also mess with my mind.  I make sure to keep exercising, and I add very healthy supplements to my routine.  I am finally (it took years) able to understand what stress does to me…and I am ready to say NO MORE.  Since April is Stress Awareness Month it is a good reminder to understand how it affects you!

So, my advice to you is to make a box like I have…only if it does not add more stress to you.  If the smaller clothes add stress, then donate them.  It’s fun to shop for new with a new body.  But, if it motivates you (like me) then take them off the hangar and put in a box.  Hopefully someday soon you will return to those pieces as I am able to do now.  Hang in there!  You can do this!

Please share…at what point do you get rid of the clothes which are too small?  How does it help you the most to remain positive?

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