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Welcome everyone to News for Women of a Certain Age where I curate a few headlines just for us and our consideration.  There are so many different women in this audience with different likes and dislikes different needs and issues; different income levels, etc. You get my drift!  I cannot begin to figure all of that out, so some of these article appeal to some of you and others don’t.  I ask your patience as I present information you may not need or be in to, and hopefully you will find something here you like or is helpful.

Let’s start with a little fun.  You may not be aware that Diane Keaton has a new movie coming out soon.  Here is the trailer…for the cheerleader in all of us!

This next article is about strength training for the lungs and why it is important.  I have had asthma for years, and though it is under control, this article caught my eye.  Strength Training for the Lungs is Here

It’s that time of year when iced tea is so refreshing, healthy, and great for entertaining!  Here is an easy way to make FRUIT INFUSED ICE TEA.

Now that we are well into warmer weather, your hands might need a spring refresh.  Even if you can get a regular manicure, it is good to take care of our cuticles in between.  This video has some good points in it and I have put great products in the slideshow below….

Hope you enjoyed the news today!  Now breath deep, soak those nails, and of course………………………………………………………………………………………………..




  1. Thank you for taking the time to find articles of interest. I am going to look into the strength training for the lungs…I have noticed that when I run my lungs give out before my legs ever do, so I’m very much interested in this. And how good to know about the fruit infused tea! If we can infuse water, why not tea, but I never thought of it! And with enough fruit, the sugar isn’t even necessary. I book-marked this one and am going to try it!

  2. I’ve seen the previews already to Diane Keaton’s new movie – looks like fun! I love her – she was great in “Book Club” and “Somethings Gotta Give” with Jack Nicholson! Thanks for putting these articles together for us – even though some may be of more interest to me than others, I always read and enjoy every one!

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